A Quick guide to help you work with zip files in Blackberry 10

The Blackberry 10 without doubt is one of the most potent Smartphone OS available in the market today. When Research In Motion (RIM) rolled out this state of the art Smartphone, it was greeted with raw appreciation and glee by most of its business users. Boasting of a host of sophisticated features the Blackberry 10 allows you take care of nearly every official work you can conceive off right from your mobile.

Working with Zip files in BlackBerry 10

An interesting fact about Blackberry 10 is its support for zip files. The file manager app of this remarkable OS offers you the chance of zipping or unzipping your archive files with effortless ease. To zip a file all you need to do is select the relevant files and tap on the zip option. Moreover you can send the zip file just like any other file right of from your handset. Blackberry 10 allows you to send across the zip file using Near Field Communication(NFC) with just one tap and the transfer process too is quite fast.  The native file manager app allows you to zip all the files present in a folder or a set of specific files. Using this feature you can save considerable amount of space in your handset and you can quickly observe the storage status using the Active Frame of the file manager app.


Key Challenges

While Blackberry 10 does allow you to quickly zip files and seamlessly open archive files, it does not support password protected zip files. So in case you have received a zip archive that is protected by a password, the file manager app is going to show you an “Unable to open” error message. In such a scenario you may need to connect the handset to your PC and then unzip the files.

Another issue that is typically experienced by Blackberry 10 users while working with zip files involves the case of missing zip icon in the action menu. In order to access the zip icon, all you need to do is just expand the menu by pulling the three dots that comes across in the bottom of the menu.

Dealing with corrupt zip files

In case you happen to have a zip file in your Blackberry 10 handset that fails to open, you can try copying it to your PC and unzip it. In case the file does not open in your PC too, then there is a good chance that the file has been compromised. Now if you are looking for an effective tool to recover corrupted zip files then you should give a thought to the powerful DataNumen Zip Repair tool. This remarkable zip repair utility has the capacity to quickly recover the content of your zip files in quick time and with assured success. It can help you recover corrupted files in batches and can also deal with large zip files including those over 2GB in size.


Author Introduction:

Alan Chen is President & Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including zip repair and rar repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com .




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