A Quick guide to help you recover accidentally deleted files from Ms Outlook

imagesR4J9BFCKA large part of all official communication that we undertake today is done through emails and thus email clients like Ms Outlook are routinely used by corporate business houses. In fact the Ms Outlook mail client has the honor being the most widely used application software in its class in offices. Further it accounts for fifty three percent of corporate market share when it is used with Ms Exchange server. However despite its extensive popularity and awesome features, this remarkable application cannot alleviate human error which can lead to data loss. Often many users tend to accidentally delete messages and then cannot seem to find a way to get them back.  Now if you have experienced such an issue, just read on as we guide you through the options to recover your deleted data.


Step 1: check the Deleted items folder

To start with you can check if the messages you deleted are present in the Deleted items folder. While it is quite likely that you have checked here before, it’s still the easiest place to start your search for the deleted files. In case you do not find the deleted files then it is time for you to check your backup files. Now in case you are using the Outlook mail client locally without an exchange server then the deleted files should be in backup .pst file unless the said files were not backed up.

Step 2: restore the backup

To restore the backup you need to use the Import and Export option and then select PST as the file type and browse down to your backup file and look for the said files. In case you are using in an office setup with an Exchange server, you can simply ask your IT team to provide you with the deleted messages. The Ms Exchange server automatically keeps a copy of your messages as default.

Now in case you did not create a backup file and are using Ms Outlook as a standalone email client then you can try recovering the file by loading the said .pst file in different profile. However you would first need to find the .pst file and same often depends on your OS version. Ideally the easiest way to find the same is to click on the Tools tab in Outlook and look for Data files under the Options or Account settings option. Once you have located the outlook files, you should load it and check if it contains the required files.

While the above process can give you results, it is quite complex for an average computer user. Thus you should ideally consider an effectual pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook repair that can help you dig out the deleted emails with ease. All you need to do is identify the .pst file for the source folder from where emails were deleted and initiate its recovery process. The application will recover all data present in the said .pst file along with the deleted items.

Besides helping you recover any deleted items, the application is also capable of fixing any flaws with .pst files. It is also capable of recovering tricky cases where standard tools like scanpst.exe failed to deliver. So if you use Ms Outlook as your default mail client, it is prudent to keep this excellent product at hand.


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Alan Chen is President & Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit https://www.datanumen.com/

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