9 Ways to Save Your Papers in Word – Part I

When you work on a word document, you might think about saving some papers. In this article series, we will introduce 9 ways to shrink your pages. And we mainly talk about the first 4 means in this part.

Every one of us, more or less, comes across something like this: you need to adjust your word document to make it fit into its available space. Very often, you may want to save some papers when you print something out, keep your resume on a single page or sometimes, compress some texts into a prescribed or designated space. In view of this, we will present you with 9 tips of copy fitting in this article as we shall soon see.

Method 1: Using “Shrink One Page” Command

First of all, in word, “Shrink One Page” command operates to reduce the length of a document by one page. You can quickly add this button by using Customize Quick Access Toolbar.

  1. Click Customize Quick Access Toolbar at the top of the Word window, and select More Commands.Select "more commands"
  2. Choose All Commands under Choose commands from.Select "all commands" 
  3. Scroll down to find Shrink One Page, select it and then, click the Add button.Find "shrink one page"
  4. Click OK to save it.Click OK to save
  5. Now we see the button at Quick Access Toolbar, just click it to shrink your page. click to shrink your page

Method 2: Decrease Page Margins

Typically, the very first thing we do to shrink a page is to, quite naturally, shave the margins. The default setting of word document is 1″ (2.54cm) apiece in top and down margins, and 1.25″ (3.18cm) as regards side margins. You will find reducing the margins in Page Layout to Moderate or Narrow is of much avail. Also, it works to customize the margins of your papers as you desire.

  1. On the Page Layout tab, click Margins.
    Click “Margins”
  2. To change margins, click any of the other options under Margins, here we choose Narrow.Decrease Page Margins
  3. Now we squeeze more text in a single page.squeeze more text in a single page

Method 3: Adjust the Font Sizes

If you do not intend to alter the layout of your page, then consider shrinking the font size of your page. Sometimes, it is also the easiest and most effective way to save papers. Word automatically uses an 11-point body text, while 10-point font size may work just as well. However, in view of the necessary legibility, there is a certain irreducible minimum text size you cannot neglect. Further, be aware to use the same type size for similar materials throughout your word document.

As is shown below, under the Home page, we can select our desired font size. Adjust the Font Sizes

Method 4: Combine Relevant Paragraphs into One

Occasionally, you may find two or more relevant paragraphs in your papers, then why not combine these paragraphs into one. By deleting a paragraph mark, it sometimes may help you “lose” a line or even save a page. Anyway, so long as readability of your paper is not significantly compromised, it is a good idea to adopt such a strategy.

 The Vulnerability of Your Word

As a frequent user of Word, sometimes I will encounter Word documents corruptions. Word has a built-in functionality to solve such problems. But for severe corruptions, this feature will not work. In such a case, I will resort to another tool called DataNumen Word Repair, which feature powerful capabilities to repair word files that have become corrupted or damaged.

In this part, we mainly look at 4 useful ways of copy fitting. For more solutions to save your papers, please refer to Part II, where we present another 5 ways you could try out.

Author Introduction:

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