9 Solutions to Outlook Error “Can’t move the items” – Part II

In last part, we have discussed 5 solutions to Outlook error “Can’t move the items” in PST file. Then in this part, we will turn to the other 4 approaches to solve the similar error in an Exchange server.

If you encounter the error “Can’t move the items” when using an Exchange server, you can opt for the most agreeable one from the following 4 measures.Outlook Error - Cannot move the items

6. Gain Permission

In Exchange server, there exists the similar problem as PST file. When you meet the Outlook error mentions that you can’t move the items, it is possible that your outlook profile has become corrupted. Therefore, it doesn’t see that you have permission to do the move operation. In such a scenario, you have to contact with the system admin and ask him to correct your permission through the exchange server.

7. Modify Registry

In addition, this problem may occur due to the fact that the working folder for moving items is located on a slow or busy drive. In this case, you need to resort to Registry Editor.Registry Editor

  1. For a start, go to Start Menu and enter “Regedit” in search field to start registry editor.
  2. Then you need to locate and click on the following key: “KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeIS\ParametersSystem\Working Directory”
  3. Next in the display right pane, you should double click the “Folder_Path”.
  4. In the new popup dialog box, and in “String Editor” field, type the path of a folder on a faster drive, and click OK.
  5. Finally you can close thee registry editor.

8. Rename the OST File

Moreover, your OST file getting corrupt is a main cause to this Outlook error as well. If the OST file is damaged, then you can attempt the fundamental method in the first place. That is to rename the OST file, namely recreate it.Rename the OST file

  1. To start with, close Outlook and head to the local location where the OST file stays.
  2. After locating the OST file, you should rename it.
  3. Finally restart Outlook application, and it will recreate the OST file automatically, which will take a little bit of time at the beginning.

9. Repair the OST File to Solve the Outlook Error

As a matter of fact, as opposed to renaming OST file, you can use another quick method to repair corrupt OST file. That is to apply a powerful OST repair tool like DataNumen Exchange Recovery, which is specialized in OST recovery. You can download it from its website. After installing it successfully, you can launch it and select the target OST file to repair. Due to its high recovery rate, this tool has shouldered over its peers. If your OST file is damaged seriously, this tool will be the best choice unquestionably.

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