9 Daily Habits to Protect Your Hard Drive from Overheating

Overheating is considerably harmful to hard drive For instance, it can lead drive to become unstable, damage the drive components, shorten its lifespan, etc. Hence, you’d better develop the 9 habits in this post to keep your drive from overheating.

As we all know, hard drive is vulnerable to various factors, such as overheating. If a hard drive becomes too hot, its lifespan will be shortened drastically, thereby leading to irreparable damage and data loss, like corrupt Outlook file. Thus, it is very important to keep your hard drive working within safe temperatures. Here are 9 habits, with which you are able to effectively prevent your hard drive from overheating.

9 Daily Habits to Protect Your Hard Drive from Overheating

1. Clean out Dust at Regular Intervals

First off, you ought to keep your hard drive clean. For instance, if it is an internal hard drive in computer, you need to clean out the computer cases at regular basis. Otherwise, accumulated dust will result in ventilation issues and block computer from cooling down properly. Then the hard drive will tend to get overheated. So, in a nutshell, you have to prevent dust build-up.

2. Don’t Use It in Narrow Enclosed Space

In addition, you should never operate your hard drive in a narrow and enclosed space, such as in the car. Or else heat will be trapped in the narrow space. In this case, of course, your hard drive tends to be damaged, such as delicate electronics inside being fried. It won’t help much even though you open a window.

3. Don’t Use It on Lap, Bed or Other Soft Surface

Sometimes, users may put their hard drives on their laps, bed or other soft places when using it unintentionally. For example, many prefer to position the laptop on lap without a fan beneath it. In this situation, the laptop will become overheating much more readily, further impacting the inner hard drive.

4. Operate It in Air-conditioned Room

If it is summer now, you ought to use your hard drive in an air-conditioned room. If you run your PC in a room with no air conditioning in high temperature, you’ll definitely feel uncomfortable. Actually, the same holds true for your hard drive. If it stays in such an environment for long time, its components tend to be corrupt.

5. Avoid Using It with Hot Neighbors

Moreover, you should keep your hard drive far away from the hot neighbors. For example, if there are devices that are blowing hot air nearby your hard drive, the drive will be affected and become hot with time going on.

6. Upgrade Fans If Necessary

Generally, computers come packed with inbuilt fans. It plays a greatly important role in cooling. Hence, if you find that your computer always get overheating very easily, you need to open the PC cases to see if all fans are functioning normally. If not, maybe you need to replace or upgrade them.

7. Tune up Heatsinks

Aside from cooling fans, heatsink is another significant tool for cooling. Therefore, as soon as you realize hard drive overheating, you can turn up heatsinks in the PC. Provided that your computer doesn’t contain such a utility, you can invest in one.

8. Keep Monitoring Temperature in Use

Furthermore, in order to prevent hard drive from overheating, you ought to keep monitoring the temperature of your computer. There are many tools available for such a function. You can download and install a reliable on your PC.

9. Turn it off in Case of Overheating

Last but not least, as soon as your find that the hard drive becomes overheating strangely, you are better off powering off the drive. That is to say, don’t use it any longer until it becomes cool totally.

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