8 Solutions to “The disk is write protected” Error on Removable Device

When you try to access the removable storage device like USB flash drives, you may receive this typical error message “The disk is write protected”. Don’t worry; we will offer 8 methods to help you settle down the problem.

Multiple Hard disk errors appear frequently for computer users, which cause much inconvenience for normal computer novices. Today, we will talk about the solutions to a specific disk error which says “The disk is write protected”, and often occurs when you are using removable device.

“The disk is write protected” Error

1.Check Read only switch

Some removable devices like USB flash drives have physical switch on it. So people can set the drive to “Read Only” in order to make drives not writable. Thus you have to check if you have turned on the switch before when getting this error massage.

2.Check Disk Storage Space

After the first attempt, you can check the storage space in your portable device. Right click the disk and select the “Properties” option to see if the device is too full to write in any other data.

3.Read Only File Status

If you want to copy or replace files in the removable drive but receive this specific error at last. Then you have to check whether the file you wanted is in read only status. You can also right click the target file and select the “Properties” option to see its status.

4.Security setting

In some cases, you might operate in other public computers owned by company or others. In this way, the owner might have enabled some security settings before, which will prevent users to write files on a removable device. So you can modify the settings or do it in another working computer.

5.Corrupt drive

Sometimes, your file system in the drive may get corrupt. So under this circumstance, you have to format the drive at first. If there are any important data in the drive, you ought to back up them in advance. Like backing up outlook for Outlook recovery, you can restore your data when coming up with data disasters.


Virus infection is a commonplace. If you haven’t installed any anti-virus software before, you’d better call in a powerful one to protect your data. If you have typical software installed, then you have to check if it is the latest version.

7.Modify Registry Settings

If you have set the computer to write protect all the external removable devices, then you will definitely receive such write protection errors. Therefore, you have to reset your computer registry to disable this function.

8.Run Command Prompt

If foresaid means cannot make any sense, then you can run command prompt to have a try.

  • To begin with, click the “Start” button and enter “cmd” in the search box.
  • Next, right click the tool to select the “run as administrator” option.
  • Then, enter ”diskpart”, ” list disk”, “select disk #”, “attributes disk clear readonly” one by one in the following Command Prompt window and press the “enter” button after each of the command.
  • Now, you can close the command prompt and try to write files in your drive again.

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