8 Powerful Solutions to “Non-System disk or disk error”

If you meet up with a typical error saying “Non-System disk or disk error”, you can have a look at this article which will offer 8 helpful solutions.

There are so many errors that can occur during the process of booting computer. And today, we will talk about a specific error that also happens upon computer startup. This error mentions that “Non system disk or disk error” when you try to access the computer. Since many factors can trigger this problem, we will analyze it and provide corresponding solutions for you.

Non-System disk or disk error

1 Check cables

Sometimes, bad connections will lead to this error as well. Thus in this situation, you can check all the cables in the computer. You can unplug and insert them to make sure that the connection works normally. And next, you can reboot the computer again.

2 Remove all unbootable devices

You might have several storage devices that connect to the computer. In this case, you can remove all of them and make sure there are none of external bootable hard disks. Then you can try to boot the computer again to see if the error is gone or not. If not, you have to turn to other methods.

3 Check boot order

If you set a wrong boot order in the BIOS settings, then the computer booting program will not find the right bootable device in the first place and turn out to be bad result eventually. Thus if you have changed hard drive boot orders recently, you’d better go ahead to check if it is right.

4 Repair MBR and BCD

In some cases, corrupt disk boot files could result in such error as well. Under this condition, you ought to settle down the issue by fixing master boot record (MBR) and Boot Configuration Data (BCD).

5 Reinstall hard disk drive

Do you always keep a good habit of updating the hard disk drive? If not, then outdated hard disk drive might bring this specific problem too. So you should upgrade it immediately or even reinstall it to have a try.

6 Check hard disk errors

If above means cannot help, then you should consider whether the hard drive is damaged. And in this case, you can make use of an inner tool called chkdsk. You can find it by entering “chkdsk” in the search box under start menu. And then you can follow its easy tips to scan and repair your hard disk.

7 Reinstall Windows

If the problem still exists after all above attempts, you can try this method at last by yourself. And in prior to that, you have to make sure that all the vital data is backed up. Otherwise, you might lose all of them and have to restore the vital one like pst fix.

8 Resort to expert

When foresaid methods cannot make any sense, you have no choice but to call in experts to resolve the problem. Please note that you should choose a reliable professional to prevent further damages.

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