8 Do’s and Don’ts when Hard Drive Makes Clicking Sounds

As long as you hear any strange clicking sounds from your hard drive, you should be concerned about your drive data. Any improper operation can destroy the data. So this article will tell you what to do and what not to do in this case.

As we all know, once a hard drive fails, all the data stored in this drive will tend to get damaged, such as corrupt Outlook PST, etc. One of the most common signals for hard drive failure is that drive is making strange clicking sounds. Hence, when you hear such clicking sounds from your hard drive, you should watch out for your operations. Here are 8 suggested do’s and don’ts.

8 Do's and Don'ts when Hard Drive Makes Clicking Sounds


1. Analyze the Sounds

First of all, you need to analyze the sounds in that there are many different hard drive sounds and many different situations. Some sounds may be normal sounds, some are from software or drivers, and some are owing to other hardware. Thus, you should firstly figure out if the sounds which you hear are the correct clicking sounds.

2. Back Up Drive Data

In addition, so as to protect your data from further damage or loss, you are better off backing up the drive data right away. You can select to back up them to another external hard drive or the cloud as per your preference.

3. Recur to Drive Repair & Data Recovery Service

Also, if you cannot confirm what you are suffering or you can ensure that the drive clicking sound is due to a mechanical fault, you need to take recourse to an expert drive repair and data recovery service.


4. Don’t Open It on Your Own

As what mentioned above, you should recur to professionals instead of trying DIY repair or recovery by yourself. On one hand, opening drive demands a cleanroom and specialized tools. On the other hand, if you lack related knowledge, your incorrect handlings will directly make drive recovery impossible.

5. Don’t Install Software on It

Moreover, at this time, you should never use or install any recovery software on the hard drive. Although there is much such software in the market, you shouldn’t trust in any readily. Running them on the drive can overwrite the data and make recovery far more difficult.

6. Don’t Freeze It

There are a lot of incorrect ways suggested on the Internet, like putting the drive into a freezer. However, freezing is not a good idea. It can short out the electrical components of a hard drive and directly result in drive corruption. In a nutshell, to freeze a hard drive can make case worse.

7. Don’t Knock It

Many users aren’t impatient and become angry when encountering any hard drive issues like clicking sounds. Thus they may apply physical force to the drive, hoping that the sounds can stop. However, no matter how angry you are, knocking a drive is not unadvisable way.

8. Don’t Move It While Running

When the drive is still running, you should not readily move it from one location to another. Hard drive is sensitive to shocks and movements, particularly when it is still running and malfunctioning.

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