8 Dos and Don’ts of Drying a Wet Smartphone

Accidents always occur. You must be panic, if you drop the smartphone into water incautiously. Don’t worry. Here we will offer you some tips about what you should do and what you should not do in this case to minimize your loss.

Smartphone contains many previous data like contacts, photos, notes and etc. You can’t imagine losing them by dropping the phone into water and having it damaged. But accidents occur from time to time. Thus you should know that things you can do and cannot do to rescue your wet smartphone and minimize the loss.

Here we’d also like to advise you to back up your data in the smartphone regularly. Similar to backing up Outlook to prevent corrupt pst file, backing up smartphone can help a lot when coming across accidents.

wet smartphone


1.Do not turn it on

Many will subconsciously turn on the phone to check if it is damaged already or it is still working. But what you don’t know is that this action is totally wrong and could cause serve situations. If the water has seeped into mobile phones, then turning on the phone will lead to short circuit.

2.Do not shake the phone

Sometimes you may want to shake out the inside water. But this is useless. On the contrary, water might get deeper inside due to your shaking. Therefore, do not try to shake or bang the wet smartphones.

3.Do not use a hair dryer

Hair dryer might dry the liquids in the surface, but it cannot deal with inside waters. Besides, the cloud will likely to cause inside water to condense or spread to other internals. Thus you should not resort to a hair dryer.

4.Do not believe the way of using rice

Many DIY repair methods would like to recommend you to use rice. They ask you to put your wet phone in the rice and wait for 1~2 days. Then rice will absorb all the liquid in your phone. In fact, it’s a random event. You are taking the chance.

This method only makes sense when coming across small problems.


1.Turn it off

Obviously, whether the phone is still working or not, you should turn it off as soon as possible in case of short circuit.

2.Remove its battery and SIM card(s)

After turning off the wet phone, you ought to removing its battery and SIM card. This step can help you prevent the situation that the water flows to other areas and damage other parts.

3.Use a cloth to absorbed water on the surface

After the removing step, you have to dry the visible liquids on the surface in order to avoid the water spreading. Do it carefully and do not let water flow into the smartphone any more.

4.Take it for repair

Once you have dropped your phone into the water, you should take it for repair after foresaid steps other than taking a chance. Otherwise, you will probably lose your vital data in the smartphone forever.

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