7 Useful Tips to Avoid Data Loss when Smartphone Gets Wet

Have you ever dropped your smartphone in water accidentally? If your phone gets wet, your first concern may be the phone data, such as contacts, photos and so on. This article will show you 7 tricks to avoid phone data loss in such cases.

When you unintentionally dropped your smartphone in water, you will definitely worry about your phone data. But, in fact, water damage doesn’t always indicate that the phone data is lost. It is because that most flash memory used for phone data storage is actually waterproof. Thus, as long as you deal with the wet phone properly, preventing damage to the flash components, you can evade data loss. So, in the followings, we will share 7 tips with you to cope with such a problem.

7 Useful Tips to Avoid Data Loss when Smartphone Gets Wet

1. Regular Data Backup

As we all know, regular data backup is the most effective means to avoid data loss. For instance, if you have backed up your PST file, even if PST file is corrupt, you can easily recover PST data from backed up file. Thus, it is highly recommended that you have to back up your smartphone at regular intervals. Thereby, even if your smartphone gets wet, you don’t need to worry in that you can easily restore data from backups.

2. Turn off Phone Right Now

In the event of wet smartphone, you have to turn off phone as soon as possible. In addition, you have to remove the phone battery. Otherwise, further damage may be caused to the phone internal components, such as memory, circuits and other flash components.

3. Don’t Try to Restart It at Once

Moreover, if your smartphone has shut down automatically due to water damage, you should keep it off. Never attempt to restart the phone. Otherwise, similar to the above point, your phone may suffer destructive and irreversible corruption.

4. Dry off Phone by Soft Towel

Undoubtedly, in this situation, you will try to dry off the phone. When it comes to drying, you may think of using hair dryer. But you should never use it in that it is too hot for smartphone. You are allowed to dry off the phone via soft towel, cloth or shirt.

5. Avoid Excessive Heat or Cold

Furthermore, you need keep your phone in a warm room, avoiding excessive heat or cold. For instance, if you position the wet smartphone in an overheating area, the phone components may be in danger of being burnt or melted. If being placed in the cold room, the phone components may be misplaced.

6. Try to Boot Phone after Several Days

After you have left your smartphone aside for several days, at least 24 hours or longer, you can try to power on the phone. The most fortunate case is that the phone starts as normal. Now, it is the time to perform an updated data backup.

7. Contact Exports in Phone Recovery

Nevertheless, if the phone still cannot start up as usual, you can confirm that the current case is much more terrible than what you are imagining. In this scenario, you are better off asking professionals for help instead of attempting DIY repair.

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