7 Top Reasons & Solutions when Memory Card Shows Wrong Size

If your memory card shows wrong size, such as an 8 GB card shows only 20 MB, you can refer this article. Here we will expose 7 most common reasons for this issue and the corresponding suggested solutions.

Have you ever suffered such a problem that your memory card shows incorrect size? For instance, you have a memory card with 16 GB storage space, but it only shows 4 GB or even shows 0 byte. Confronted with such an issue, you’ll surely be panic and afraid of data loss or corruption, like damaged Outlook file. To help you get rid of such worry, here we will unveil its 7 causes and solutions.

7 Top Reasons & Solutions when Memory Card Shows Wrong Size

1. Virus Infection

Provided that your memory card is infected with viruses or attacked by malware, it may show incorrect size. Hence, in the first place, you can take this factor into account. In face of this chance, you can run a reliable antivirus tool on the card to try to detect and kill viruses.

2. Damaged Card

If your card is damaged, no matter logically or physically, this phenomenon can take place as well. In this scenario, you have no choice but to repair it. If you can’t figure out the real damage causes, you had better ask for professional assistance, instead of attempting DIY repair.

3. Improper Formatting

What’s more, if this problem occurs simply after you format the memory card, it is very likely that the root cause may be the formatting. In other words, it may be an inappropriate formatting, leading to the card file system corruption. In this event, you can try to reformat the card.

4. Hidden Files/Data

Besides, chances are that your memory card contains many hidden files or data. In this scenario, although you cannot see them, they still exactly take up the card storage. Thus, you think the shown size is wrong. At this point, you need to show these files.

5. Unallocated Space

Moreover, there is possibility that the memory card has much unallocated space. Such storage space will not be shown. Hence, the card shows incorrect available size. Under this circumstance, you could attempt disk formatting to activate the unallocated space.

6. Incompatible Reader/Host

What’s more, you need to consider compatibility issue. To be specific, if the hosts or readers aren’t compatible with your card, the card will be re-partitioned to the size which is supported. Thereby, the card doesn’t show right size. In such a case, you need to try the other readers or host devices.

7. Expansion Card

Lastly, there is likelihood that your memory card is an expansion card. It is a card that always shows larger storage capacity than its real capacity. The false storage is changed by illegal software. For instance, a card only has 4 GB storage, but its manufacturers make it show as a 16 GB card. Then, though it shows as 16 GB, you can only store 4 GB data in it. In the event of such a fake memory card, you have no alternative but to replace it.

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