7 Smart Solutions to “Windows fail to start” Error

Today, we will discuss about a typical error saying “Windows fail to start”. This error is relevant with many factors, so you can refer to this article for 7 smart solutions.

Many people might meet up with startup problems when trying to boot their computers. And today, we will talk about a specific error that occurs during the computer booting process. The error mentions that “Windows fail to start”. Don’t worry, we will dig deep into it and provide effective solutions for you.

Windows  Booting Error

1 Remove recent installed hardware

If you have installed any new hardware recently, then it might be the cause. Therefore, you can remove all the hardware in the first place. And then you can reboot the computer again to see if the error is gone.

2 Use the Last Known Good Configuration

If foresaid method is not help, then you can make use of the Last Known Good Configuration in Windows. Now, follow steps below to have a try. Here, we will take Windows 7 as an example.

  • Go to “Start” menu, choose the arrow next to the “Shut Down” button, and select the “Restart” option.
  • When the computer starts, press and hold the “F8” button.
  • Then in the new window of “Advanced Boot Options screen”, highlight the Last Known Good Configuration and then press “Enter” to start the process.

3 Perform a startup repair

If you still cannot boot into Windows smoothly, then you can utilize another feature in the computer system called startup repair. And here we take Windows 7 as an example. To begin with, press the “F8” button to go to startup option. Next, in the popup window, you can see the “Startup Repair” option. Then click the “Startup Repair” option and follow its tips to start the repair process.

4 Check hard drives

When above methods are helpless, you should consider whether the hard drive in computer is corrupt or not. Thus at this point, you can call in an inner program in Windows named chkdsk. You can find it by going to start button and entering “chkdsk” in the search box.

5 Perform a system restore

Sometimes, the error could result from a damaged program, application or new installed hard disk drive. So you can perform a system restore and restore the computer to the point that it is working as normal. So here we will also take Windows 7 as an example. At first, press the “F8” button to go to startup option. Next, in the popup window, you can see the “Startup Restore” option. Then click the “Startup Restore” option and follow its tips to start the process.

6 Reinstall Windows

If above means can’t make any sense, you’d better reinstall the system to have a shot. Since this process would format all the vital data in partition C and D. You should remove them to other partitions or back up the data in advance. Otherwise, similar to Outlook repair, data disaster will follow soon.

7 Resort to expert

When all the ways mentioned above cannot solve the problem, you have no choice but to get help from experts. And keep in mind that you should resort to a reliable one other than amateurs.

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