7 Reasons & Solutions for “The parameter is incorrect” Error when Accessing Your Drives

When you try to access any hard drives including internal and external disks, you may receive this error massage saying “The parameter is incorrect”. Don’t worry. We will discuss top 7 reasons and offer corresponding solutions.

The typical error that says “The parameter is incorrect” usually occurs when people want to access their hard drives. Besides, it also could appear if you try to copy data to hard drives. Now let’s figure out the causes behind and solve the problem like a cork.

And before the fix process, you should make backups for your vital data in case of data loss, like keeping PST file backup to prevent pst corruption.

Error message

1 USB power supply issues

This is a basic issue that can lead to this specific error. The front end socket on the computer may offer insufficient power supply, which will give rise to such error definitely. In this case, you should connect the disk to the backend of the computer.

2 Remove external disk unsafely

Most computer users must know that it’s recommended to use “Safe to Remove Hardware” when you want to unplug your external drives. However, few of them will keep this good habit. If you always remove your external disks in a rush, then your drives will get damaged, which can affect your future data access. Thus, in this case, you may need to call in expert to fix the disks.

3 Virus infections

Virus infection is a knotty problem. It can result in various problems including this one. In this time, you should check whether your anti-virus software is in the latest version. If you haven’t installed it, then you must go into action right now.

4 Corrupt file systems in disk drive

To work normally, hard drives all have typical file systems. And similar to the computer, the file system in the hard drive could get corrupt as well. Multiple factors can trigger this error, thus you ought to format the compromised disk to have a try.

5 Disk driver issue

If the hard drive you want to access is incompatible with the disk driver on the computer, then such error massages will appear too. In this situation, you need to update your windows system to ensure the incompatibility issue.

6 Lack of free disk space

If you want to copy a great number of files to other hard disks, you should check whether there is enough empty disk space for you to save these data.

7 Oversized file

When you want to copy large files to external hard drives, you might receive this error. Many external disks have FAT file systems that are used in Window 95 and are pretty old. Thus you likely fail to move files that are larger than 4 GB in Windows 10. So you have to check the file size and split it at first.

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