7 Reasons and Solutions for Inaccessible Memory Card

Memory card, as a kind of popular data storage medium, can get inaccessible for various reasons. Now, in this article, we will focus on the inaccessible memory card and reveal its 7 common causes and related solutions.

As the storage capacity of many portable devices, such as smartphone or camera, is limited, users usually tend to achieve additional storage space by procuring a memory card. However, like the standard hard disk drive, memory card can get compromised readily, too.

Generally, if a computer hard disk corrupts, your drive data will be damaged and lost, like PST corruption. Similarly, provided a memory card become inaccessible, you will be absolutely unable to read the card data. In this scenario, you ought to figure out the real causes and find out relevant solutions. Here we will unveil the 7 top reasons and measures.

7 Reasons and Solutions for Inaccessible Memory Card

1. File System Corruption

It’s well-known that all data storage media store files and other types of data on basis of file system. Thus, if the file system of the memory card become damaged, it is certain that the card will be inaccessible. In this case, you ought to repair the file system. You can resort to any reliable third party repair utilities.

2. Improper Formatting

Apart from file system corruption, another serious logical issue on the memory card is improper formatting. As we all know, formatting can solve many problems. But if you format the memory card in wrong way, the card will be unreadable too. In this case, generally, you can reformat it. Unluckily, in this way, the data will be gone.

3. Virus Attacks

Nowadays, viruses are becoming increasingly complicated and rampant. Thus, if the memory card is attacked by malware or contracted with viruses, it’ll become inaccessible, too. In such a situation you should leave no stones unturned to kill the viruses.

4. Incompatibility Issues

To access the data in memory card, you should connect it to a particular device, such as a camera. Therefore, you’ll surely be incapable of accessing the memory card data if the device is not compatible with the SD card. In this case, what you can do is to insert the card to another compatible device.

5. Failed Card Slot

When connecting a memory card to a specific device, card slot will be responsible. Hence, there is likelihood that the card slot is corrupt and hinders access to the memory card. In this situation, you need to insert the card via another card slot. Plus, in daily operations, you should always insert and eject the card slightly and safely.

6. External Factors

Moreover, there are many external factors which can lead to inaccessible memory card. For instance, if the memory card is full of too much dust, or intruded by moisture, or suffers excessive heating, etc., the memory card performance will be reduced greatly.

7. Unstable Power Supply

Last but not least, a memory card can only function depending on consistent and stable power supply. Therefore, any fluctuation in the voltage supply will affects the card performance. In this scenario, what you can do to achieve a stable power supply.

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