7 Reasons & Solutions When Hard Drive Becomes Overheating

If you find that your hard disk in the computer becomes overheating abnormally, you can refer to this article. We will discuss the reasons and provide relevant solutions.

Hard drive becomes overheating for many reasons. And keeping in this overheating status can cause big problem both to hard drives and computers like Outlook corruption. Thus, we should figure out the reason and settle down the issue as soon as possible. Don’t worry. Here are top 7 reasons and corresponding solutions for you.

overheating problem

1 Much running programs at the same time 

When a hard drive becomes overheating, the temperature of CPU is also vital for your reference. If you are running too many programs at the same time, then the CPU will become overheating as well. If the temperature increases over the range that the CPU can handle, then terrible situations like data disaster could occur probably. So in this case, you should quit some programs to solve this problem.

2 Bad sectors

If there are bad sectors on the hard drive, then the hard disk will become overheated if you keep writing data to it. When writes become more and more frequent, the temperature of the hard drive will go up to a high level. Thus, you should call in the inbuilt tool named “chkdsk” to check whether the hard drive in your computer can work normally.

3 Viruses

This factor is well-known by almost every computer users. Virus can run some unknown programs secretly. And it can also infect hard drives to interfere its normal functions. Therefore, you should install up-to-date anti-virus software to protect your computer all the time.

4 Check computer ventilation

If you meet up with this case for a while, then you need to check the computer ventilation, especially the fans. If the fans cannot work or work abnormally, then you can come across overheating problems for many times. In this time, you should check computer ventilation. If you are a computer novice, you should resort to experts to check it smoothly.

5 High temperatures with the ambient

Sometimes, when the computer works under a bad environment like high temperatures, this error will occur too. Therefore, you should place it in a cool environment or equip with helpful cooling system.

6 Too much dusts

If your computer is working in a dusty environment, then after a long time usage, dusts will float to the computer in various places gradually. Then the fans or other computer components including hard drives won’t work in a normal manner. Accordingly, you should take your computer to repair shop to clean up the dust in it regularly.

7 Computer running too long

Some people need to run programs dealing with large file size. So they need the computer working in a continuous status like 12 hours, 24 hours or even much longer. But this might result in hard drive to overheating as well, particularly when the computer works in a high temperature place with too many programs. So you should run these large programs properly to avoid the problems.

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