7 Quick Ways to Select Your Excel Cells (Part II)

In the previous article, we have introduced 3 kinds of ways to select cells. And now follow us and see how the other 4 ways work.

Except for using the mouse only and the combination of shortcut keys and mouse, there exist other means to select cells.

Use Shortcut Keys Only

Keys on keyboard can also be very effective in selecting cells. And there are several other ways.

Method 4: Shortcut Key: Ctrl + A

If the cursor positions in the area in the beginning, press “Ctrl + A” and you will select the area of cells with values. And then press this once again, you will select the whole worksheet. On the other hand, if the cursor positions outside the area, press the keys and you will select the whole worksheet.

Method 5: Shift + Arrows Keys

You can use these shortcut keys to select the adjacent cells. For example, you can press the key “Shift + →”to select the right cell. You can continuously press this combination to select the target area.Shift with Arrow Keys

And during the process, you can see that the area in the name box will change according to your selection. Of course you can use other directions to choose your target area.

Method 6: Ctrl + Arrows Keys

These shortcut keys can quick position to the first or the last cell in a row or a column. For example, press the “Ctrl + ↑”, the cursor will move to the first cell in the row. If you press “Ctrl + ↓”, the first time the cursor will move to the last cell of the column. But for the second, it will move to the end of the worksheet. And as for other directions, these shortcut keys have the same effect.Move to the End

Method 7: The “Go To” Feature

This is also a way to select the nonadjacent areas. And the following are the steps to use this feature.

  1. Press the shortcut key “Ctrl + G”.
  2. In the new window, input your target area into the text box of “Reference”. For many nonadjacent areas, you need to use a comma to separate them.Input the Nonadjacent Areas
  3. And then click “OK”. You will see that the area you have input have been selected.Nonadjacent Area be Selected

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