7 Measures to Fix Instant Search Malfunctions in Outlook

When you discover that instant search in Outlook cannot function properly, such as not showing results or keeps hanging up, do not panic. Here are 7 quick resolutions to this problem.

Confronted with malfunctioning instant search, many people may think that only the indexing must be to blame. Actually apart from indexing, corrupted PST file is a vital factor as well.

1. Check If the PST File Is Included to Be Indexed

First of all, you need to check whether your PST file or your mailbox is in the scope of indexing. Take the following steps:

  1. After launching Outlook, go to “File” > “Options” > “Search”.
  2. Under “Search” tab, click on “Indexing Options” button.Indexing Options
  3. Then in the popup dialog, click “Modify” button.Modify Indexing
  4. Next another dialog will show up. Click the expand icon in front of MS Outlook, and you will see whether your current PST file is selected or not.Check If the PST File Is Included to Be Indexed
  5. Finally after ensuring the file is marked to be indexed, you can return to Outlook and try again. If instant search still cannot function properly, go ahead to the next methods.

2. Disable MS Outlook for Indexing and Re-enable it after a While

At times it may be due to the overloaded search indexing that Outlook instant search malfunctions. In this case, disabling Outlook for indexing temporarily is the best solutions.

  1. Still in the “Indexing Options”, you can deselect MS Outlook.
  2. And then open task manager to confirm that outlook.exe process has quitted.Stop Outlook.exe Processes
  3. Next wait for 5 minutes or so and re-enable Outlook again.
  4. Finally restart Outlook to have a try.

3. Rebuild Indexing

If the above method cannot rescue instant research, it is likely that the index has been broken. Under this circumstance, what you can do is to rebuild the index. You can head to “Control Panel” > “Indexing Options” > “Advanced” > “Rebuild” button.Rebuild Indexing

It will take a quite long time to rebuild index. If after rebuilding, instant search still fails, you have to reset the index then.

4. Reset Indexing

As opposed to rebuilding index which only reset the customized settings to index, resetting the index will recreate the index files thoroughly.

  1. Go to “Control Panel” > “Indexing Options” > “Advanced”.
  2. Then under “Indexing Settings” tab, click “Troubleshoot search and indexing” blue link.
  3. Next in the new window, choose “Email doesn’t appear in search results” and click “Next”. The resetting process will start automatically.Reset Indexing
  4. Eventually when it completes, you can try instant search again.

5. Reinstall the Windows Search

Provided that resetting index cannot make any effects, you can also try to reinstall Windows search feature.

  1. For a start, access to “Control Panel” > “Programs” > “Programs and Features”.
  2. Then on the left side, you can click on “Turn Windows features on or off”.Turn Windows features on or off
  3. Next in the new dialog box, find the “Windows search” option. Deselect it. You will receive an alert, but just click “Yes” button.Turn off Windows search
  4. Later click “OK” and wait a while until it is turned off completely.
  5. Finally restart Outlook and re-enable the feature by the above steps.

6. Check the PST File for Corruptions via Scanpst.exe

If the above measures related to search indexing cannot solve the problem, you should concern about whether your PST file has been corrupted so that instant search cannot work on the file. In this scenario, you can use Scanpst.exe to scan and repair your PST file. Search “Scanpst” in Windows Explorer to find this tool. Afterwards, you can carry out the recovery by following the onscreen instructions.Check the PST File for Corruptions via Scanpst.exe

7. Take Recourse to a More Proficient Repair Tool

Provided that Scanpst.exe fails as well, then it is time for you to fall back on a reliable external repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. The capability of this tool is highly beyond Scanpst.exe. Not only can it fix assorted Outlook errors, but also it is capable of drawing out the maximum data, regardless of how heavily your PST file has been corrupted.

Author Introduction:

Shirley Zhang is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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