7 Main Causes & Solutions for Head Failures in Hard Drive

Heads in a hard drive are pretty important in that they are responsible for reading and writing data to the drive platter. Hence, if heads fail, the hard drive will stop working absolutely. This article will tell you 7 causes & solutions for head failures.

Hard drive is a crucial component of hard drive at the end of the actuator arm, hovering above the spinning platter. It is responsible for data read/write. Hence, it’s terrible and catastrophic if the hard drive heads crash or fail. At that time, you will lose access to the drive data. However, in reality, multiple factors can lead to such cases. Thereinafter, we’ll expose 7 primary reasons for head failures and tell you what to do.7 Main Causes & Solutions for Head Failures in Hard Drive


1. Wear and Tear

Generally, you need to accept an unquestioned fact that hard drive will definitely fail one day because of wear and tear. That is to say, as long as you use a hard disk regularly and frequently, the drive platter will be worn out. At that time, head will be unable to read the platter, thereby it fails.

2. Head Misalignment

In addition, if you treat your hard drive violently, it will be more vulnerable. More specifically, for instance, if you drop your hard disk heavily, the drive components, such as spindle arms or heads, may be misaligned. Therefore, the heads fail.

3. Dusts in Drive

Moreover, if you disassemble your hard drive in a non-cleanroom or the drive enclosure is not closed tightly, the dusts or any debris may drill in the drive. Don’t look down upon the debris inside drive. Actually, they can directly damage the drive components, like the drive heads

4. Damaged Platters

As you know, data is exactly stored on the drive platters. Therefore, provided that the drive platter gets damaged, such as being scattered, the drive heads will fail to read the platter. But they will repeat read/write over and over again and crash thoroughly finally.

5. Get Touch with Platters

Furthermore, heads can crash due to contacting with the platter. In that situation, a head will destroy the magnetic coating on the platter. And then dust particles will be expanded, leading the other heads to fail. Such process will continue until no magnetic coating left on the drive platter.

6. Poor Manufacturing

All mentioned above are totally causes from the perspective of users. As a matter of fact, head failures can occur due to the manufacturer. For instance, if the drive is made with poor manufacturing, its heads may fail more easily.

7. Unqualified Components

Aside from poor manufacturing, the components are also significant factors. For example, if your hard drive is from unknown and credible brands, it may consist of some cheap and even unqualified components.


1. Stop Using the Hard Drive

It is always suggested to stop using the hard drive as soon as it suffers physical damage, such as head crash. Otherwise, further damage will happen to the drive. And you may kiss your hard drive data goodbye permanently.

2. Ask Professionals for Help

In the event of head failures in a hard drive, you should never attempt DIY data recovery, such as Outlook repair using data recovery software. Instead, you have to contact specialized data recovery service to get the advices and help from the experts in this field.

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