7 Effective Ways to Recover Deleted Photos & Videos on iPhone

You must have kept multiple photos and videos in your iPhone. If someday, you delete any by accident, how can you recover them? This article will introduce you 7 ways.

7 Effective Ways to Recover Deleted Photos & Videos on iPhoneIn the contemporary era, shooting photos and video has almost become a daily routine for smartphone users, no matter Android smartphone or iPhone. With a great amount of photos and videos, how are you storing and protecting them in general? It is very dangerous if you save all the media in your iPhone only in that to some extent, mistaken deletion is nearly inevitable. Now, in the followings, we will expose 7 useful means to recover the deleted photos/videos on iPhone.

1. Restore from “Recently Deleted” Folder

If your iPhone is working on iOS 8, it has a built-in “Recently Deleted” recovery feature. This can keep the deleted photos and videos for 30 days. Thus, when you realize mistaken deletion, in the first place, you can check the “Recently Deleted” Folder. Maybe they are still over there.

2. Restore from Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) Mode

Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode can restore the iPhone to any state. It is always used for recovering iPhone files or jailbreaking an iPhone. Hence, you can recover deleted photos/videos from DFU mode on your iPhone. After entering DFU mode, you can recur to any recovery tool to recover specific files.

3. Restore from Other iDevice

Perhaps you have copied your photos or videos to other iDevice, no matter iPad, Mac or other iPhone. For example, if your friends keep many of the same phones or videos, you can simply recur to them.

4. Restore from iTunes Backup

If you have synced your iPhone data with iTunes, you can retrieve your deleted photos and videos by recovering from iTunes backup, like PST recovery from PST backups. You can connect iPhone to Mac, and access iTunes interface. Select “File” “Devices” > “Restore from backup”. Next you can get back your deleted media by following the onscreen instructions.

5. Restore from iCloud Backup

Provided that you’ve backed up your iPhone data via iCloud manually or you’ve enabled automatic iCloud backup, you can also restore deleted photos and videos from iCloud backup. You can access the iCloud interface and select “Restore from iCloud Backup”. It is very convenient.

6. Restore via Third Party Tool

If all the ways mentioned above cannot facilitate your case, you can also resort to third party data recovery tool. There are many such utilities dedicated to iPhone. So, you carefully select a reliable, reputable and specialized one.

7. Restore via Third Party Service

Apart from recurring to recovery tool, you can also take recourse to iPhone data recovery service if you can afford it. Similar to choosing data recovery software, you should keep cautious when selecting service as well. You should bear in mind that undependable recovery attempt will make further damage to your iPhone data and even make later recovery impossible.

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