7 Effective Solutions When Computer Suddenly Freezes

Today we will talk about a case that the computer suddenly freezes when using. It can be pretty annoying. So you can refer to this article to get rid of the issue.

As we discuss about the reasons for computer sudden freeze in article 11 Top Reasons Why Computer Freezes Frequently, we will continue to dig deep and offer 7 powerful solutions. Computer freezes in many situations. In other words, multiple factors can trigger this problem. Therefore, we should find the real reason step by step and solve it successfully.

Computer Freeze Error

1 Restart the computer

In many cases, restart computer when coming across basic errors does make sense. So in this case, we can start from rebooting the computer to have a try. If it runs in a normal manner in this time, then the problem is gone. If not, you have to turn to next method.

2 Close no responding programs / files

When the computer freezes, you might want to access files or run programs. Thus you ought to quit all the operation, especially the no responding process. And then, you can attempt to run the program or access the files again to see if the problem is still there.

3 Update the computer Windows system

Sometimes, old system version can also slow down your computer. When a number of up-to-date programs cannot be compatible well with old systems, you will get into such freeze problems all the time. Therefore, if you haven’t upgraded the system for a long time, then you’d better go ahead to update it to solve the problem.

4 Run a memory test

In some situations, if hard drives have no enough storage space, the computer will react slowly and even freeze from time to time. Thus under this circumstance, you can make use of an inner tool called Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool. You can find it by entering “memory” at search box in the start menu.

5 Viruses

Apart from above factors, you ought to take virus into account as well. As virus can cause plenty of problems in computer including sudden freeze, you should update your anti-virus software or install other state-of-the-art tool to scan the computer again for any infections.

6 Check disk errors

If foresaid means are not helpful at all, then you need to check whether your hard drive is corrupt somehow. And at this point, you can utilize the inbuilt program named chkdsk. You can find it by entering “chkdsk” at search box in the start menu.

7 Resort to expert

In some complex situations, basic built-in tool always fail in fixing the problem successfully. At this time, you have no choice but to resort to professionals to settle down the issue. Please note that do not get help from amateurs. Without professional experience, you are prone to suffer from data loss and have to restore the data again like pst fix.

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