7 Common Signs of Malware Infection in Android Phones

Due to the large market share held by android smartphones, many criminals work hard to break into cell phone to access personal information for profit. Malware is one of the methods. To recognize whether your android phones are infected or not, looking at following 7 symptoms.

Smartphones play an important role in our lives. It can help us in all aspects. Thus it also contains plenty of data in many aspects relevant to both our social lives and business lives. This is the exact reason why criminals work hard to get these cherished data. As malware is one of effective ways used by criminals, we should learn to prevent and detect it. Followings are 7 common signs of malware infection in android smartphones, we can start from here.

Phone Malware Infection

1.Shorter battery life

If you use the phone in a normal manner, but the battery drains more quickly than usual, then it’s likely malware infection. Because malware always carry out programs in the background like prompting ads to you, thus those activities can impact a lot on the battery life.

2.Abnormal phone bills

If you take good care about our phone bill, you can easily find this abnormal situation. As malware tends to use the phone to send SMS messages, you will have extra fee in this part. Thus watching out for the phone bill is a smart idea.

3.Dropped/interrupted calls

Malware always cannot have a good compatibility with the phone. Therefore, it might influence your phone calls. When you find that many problems occur during the incoming and ongoing calls, you have to check whether it is caused by malware.

4.Frequent hanging

As malware likes to run programs in the background, it can slow the performance of your mobile phone. Thus if you find that your phone have a slower response or your phone hang there frequently, it’s probably malware infection.

5.Unusual increase in data usage

Malware is prone to collect your data or send your data out. Thus they will consume bandwidth more than usual. If you find the use of your bandwidth is unusual, then you have to take malware infection into account.

6.Pop-up ads

Malware always carries main purpose like popup advertisements. This kind of malware is called adware. And this is the simplest infection for people to repair. Therefore, once you receive ads frequently, go to uninstall suspicious applications.

7.Spam apps installs automatically

Unknown apps are installed without your permission. This is one of the most obvious symptoms that your android phone has gotten malware infection. We recommend that you should disable the security setting of “allow installation of apps from unknown sources”.

And apart from foresaid symptoms, we’d like to advise you to keep a regular data backup ahead of time. Like preparing regular Outlook backup for damaged pst fix, you can resort to your backups when encountering severe malware infection.

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