7 Common Methods that Hackers will Use to Attack Small Businesses

Due to the connections between small and big companies, hackers are prone to attack smaller businesses firstly. So, to help protect your business, here we will discuss 7 common attacks that hacker will use.                 

Hackers and criminals still work hard to attack businesses for profit. Since many small companies have business with bigger organizations, they have some “inside” connections with big companies. This connection attracts hackers and other criminals a lot. Therefore, small companies are likely to become the victims. Here are 7 common means that hackers might use to attack the business. You can have a look and then take corresponding measures.

hackers attcak small business


Phishing emails are good at disguising themselves. So there are many people fooled by them. You should train the employees to pay more attention to phishing emails. If someone clicks suspicious attachments in those emails or reply companies’ information to the sender, hacker will take advantage of it and access the data easily. You can see more details in 9 Useful Tips to Identify Common Phishing Emails

2.Hidden in Free Downloads

Buying regular software like Photoshop is not cheap. Small business might take the chance to select a free one which is shared by others in the Internet. But this can be a trap. Hackers tend to hide malicious code in those free applications. Once you install the tool, malicious programming will send you data to hackers silently.

3.Public Wi-Fi

If you have the bad habit of connecting work laptop to public Wi-Fi, you‘d better correct it immediately. Hackers like to build a fake wireless access point (WAP) through the public WAP. Once you connect to the fake WAP, what you do during this period like data transfer, login in account with password will totally transfer to hackers.

4.Password Attack

Many like to use simple and same password for no matter personal account or business account. Hackers might use malware to break your password. The simpler your password is, the more easily hackers can break it. Once hackers get one of your passwords, he will try all the accounts that you have. Thus you should set different and complex passwords to every account to protect the data.

5.Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attacks

Attackers can send great amounts of data or make plenty of connection requests to attack the network. When the network becomes overloaded and cannot function normally, hackers will hijack the computer but you may not even realize.

6.“Man in the Middle” (MITM)

Criminals also like to impersonate the endpoints, thus it can collect information from 2 sides in an online information exchange. Then hackers will make use of the important information to attack your business.

7.Cross Site Request Forgery Attacks

When you log into one account and leave without signing out, hackers can make use of it. They send a fake HTTP request to assemble cookie information. Because the cookie keeps available before the user log out the account, thus you should keep in mind that build a good habit of signing in and signing out any accounts.

Apart from preventing foresaid attacks, you should back up your vital data in business in advance. Like backing up Outlook for a damaged pst file, if hackers damaged your important data, you can resort to your backups too.

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