7 Most Common Cases when Data Backup Will Fail

Even though you’ve made a backup, you still cannot rest easy and relax. It’s because that your data backups also can fail, such as getting damaged or lost. At present, this article will reveal 8 top scenarios when data backups will fail.

Nowadays, with data increasingly important and valuable, more and more people have developed a good habit of making regular data backups. It is known that data backup is one of the most effective approaches to protect data. For instance, when an Outlook PST file gets compromised, if you keep an up-to-date backed up PST file, you can recover Outlook data with effortless ease. However, sometimes, you can find that the backups are unable to be recovered, which is one of the data backup failures. Data backup would fail in various situations, including when you make, maintain or restore backup. Here are 8 most common ones.

7 Most Common Cases when Data Backup Will Fail

1. If backup plan is inefficient

It is highly advisable to develop a data backup plan in advance, which had better include 4 vital things, including backup methods, types, storage media and data. For details, you can refer to “4 Vital Things You Must Consider Before Backup“. If you develop an inefficient backup plan, data backup may fail.

2. If backup storage device fails

If you use an external hard drive for storing your data backups, you have to keep an eye for the drive, preventing it from damage and being subject to other issues. Once the backup disk fails, your data backups will fail definitely, no matter during making or restoring the backup.

3. If backup software malfunctions

Furthermore, aside from hardware, software also plays a greatly important role in backup. Many users prefer to apply the related software to accomplish backup, which is very convenient. Yet, software can malfunction too. Plus, if you configure backup procedure and relevant info improperly, backup tend to fail.

4. If data has been corrupt

Like original data, backup data can become comprimised as well. In fact, many users have complained that they fail to retrieve data from backup. Most of time, this case often occurs when the backup data has been corrupt.

5. If viruses attack data

Provided that you connect your backup drive with any virus-attacked computers, the drive may be infected too. The same holds true for backup data in the drive. At that time, you may be unable to fail to recover data from backup.

6. If you erase backup accidentally

What’s more, human mistakes are inevitable to some extent. Hence, if you format the backup hard drive accidentally, which will erase all the backup data, you will certainly be incapable of restoring data.

7. If you make mistakes in recovery

Last but not the least, during recovery from backup, users can make mistakes too. More often than not, it is because that they are amateurs without the relavant knowledge about data recovery. Under this circumstance, not only will recovery fail, but also backup data may be affected badly, even get broken.

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