How to Quicken Your Work Pace by Automatically Adding Decimal Point or Zeros to Numbers in Excel

Excel has some very practical features, which can improve your work efficiency greatly. And today’s tip of adding decimal point or zeros to a number automatically is also one of them.

Some small features in Excel also have great effect to our work. If your work has deep relation with numbers, the application of Excel is your first choice. Sometimes, the numbers has some similarities. For example, the numbers of same property all contain decimals or the numbers are very large and they have many zeros. Thus, if you need to enter those numbers one by one, the workload must be very large. Thus, a small setting in Excel can reduce the burden to some extent.

Add the Decimal or Zeros Automatically

In this image, you need to enter the sales volume of each month.An Example of Sales Volume

You have got the number and find that each number has a zero in the end. Therefore, you can follow the steps and don’t need to enter the last zero each time you input a number.

  1. Click the “File” in the ribbon.Click File and Click Option
  2. And then click “Options” on the left navigation pane. Now you will see a new window pop up.
  3. In this new window, click the “Advanced”.Check Decimal Point
  4. Check the option “Automatically insert a decimal point”.
  5. Because every number has a zero, here in the “Places”, you need to set the “-1”.
  6. Now click “OK”.

And now you have finished all the settings. Now you can input the numbers in the cells. For example, you can input the number 2 in the cell and then press “Enter” or click any other cell. Then you will see that the number will automatically add a zero in the end.Automatically Add Number

On the other hand, if you need to add the decimal point into a number, you need to set the positive number in the “Places”.Set Positive Number

And the digit should be set according to your actual need. Through this setting, you don’t need to input the decimal point or the zero manually in each number. And this can save you a lot of time. Besides, it is also suggested that you uncheck this option after you finish your work. Because the next time you input a number, you may wonder why it will add the elements automatically. Therefore, you will spend extra time to figure out the reason.

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