6 Ways to Run an Access Database Application on the Latest Android Oreo Tablet Device

In this article, we look at 6 possible ways in which we can run an Access Application from a tablet that runs Android Oreo

Android the Google’s flagship operating system for mobiles and tablets got its latest update in form of Oreo or version 8.0. Oreo comes with an array of sophisticated features and is already becoming popular with every passing day. The new version boasts of a short boot time and goes a long way in reducing battery consumption. Exciting features like picture in picture, notification dots and instant apps make it a pleasure to use. Now quite naturally if you are running a line of business application and want your employees to access it through their cell phones, you would want the application to run on Android Oreo. To help you achieve the same we have listed 6 ways to do.6 Ways To Get An Access Database Application To Run From The Latest Android Oreo Tablet Device

  1. Consider using MS SharePoint server

MS SharePoint ServerWith the help of a SharePoint server, you can choose to run your access application as a web app. By using the feature present in Office 365, you can make an Access web database which can then be used from any mobile device including Android Oreo.

  1. If you have many web users – create a native android app by converting the Access application

This solution requires a two-step process. First, you need to convert the database into a format that Android can read like SQLite. Next, you also need an application to share the data between the Android app and primary Access database. If you opt for this solution, you need to note that updates are unlikely to occur in real-time.

  1. Choose a database utility app for read-only operation

In some case, you may just need Android users to read Access data and not make too many changes.  In such a case download a third party data editing app for modifying raw data and use it to read database content on Oreo.

  1. Opt for using Microsoft Remote Desktop App

The Microsoft Remote Desktop App is designed to allow remote desktops to access MS Access application. The same feature can be used to access the database from an Android Oreo device.

  1. Opting for a web-based database and working with MS Access front end

This option is clearly for those looking to target consumers on the web and are currently experiencing challenges with MS Access. First, you need to create a web-based database that can be typically accessed by Android. Now modify the code associated with Access frontend to work with the fresh database format

  1. Choose an offline database that can sync data via cloud

Another innovative choice involves using an offline database app that can data from a cloud. Such apps can also import and export data in CSV format.

While working with an Access database, incidents of data corruption are not rare. To avoid losing data from your Access business application, it is prudent to keep an mdb fix tool around.

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