6 Useful Solutions to “An operating system wasn’t found” Error

If you meet up with the error saying “An operating system wasn’t found”, you can have a look at our article which will discuss it today and offer 6 effective methods.

Booting problem occurs randomly in a mass of forms. Today we will talk about a specific error which mentions “An operating system wasn’t found”. If you meet up with the same problem, then you can take a look at our article and find ideal solutions for your own case.

System error

1 Check connection

The first thing that you can do is to check all the cables between computer and hardware. If the connection is loose, then you will suffer from this issue with no doubt. So you can unplug all the cables and insert them again to make sure that they can work as normal. Next, you can restart the computer to see if the error is gone.

2 Check power supply

After checking the cables, you have to check power supply as well. Without a normal power supply or with a low power supply, problems like this are prone to occur frequently. Thus if you have any testing tools, you can check whether the power supply is as normal as usual.

3 Repair boot files

Sometimes, damaged and compromised boot files can result in this error too. Thus you should repair them at first to solve the problem. In this case, you might download new boot files from official website or make use of third party tools to get rid of the issue.

4 Check BIOS configuration

In some cases, people might change some settings in BOIS by mistake or without realizing it. However, this would cause boot problems as well. Thus you should go ahead to check the BIOS configuration and set it to default.

5 Check hard disk errors

Bad operating habit can trigger many problems including hard drives failures. Thus in this case, we should take hard drive failures into account. So you need to utilize an inner program called chkdsk. You can find it by typing “chkdsk” in the search box of start menu. And follow it simple instructions to scan and repair the hard drive.

6 Resort to expert

When above methods all failed, you have no choice but to resort to professionals. And you should keep in mind that never calling in an amateur to help you, as repairing hard drives need a very strict clean room. Otherwise, you might suffer from severe data loss and need to fix the hard disk again to restore your vital data, like resorting to expert to fix Outlook again.

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