6 Top Misconceptions about Online Data Backup

As one of the most common data backup solutions, online data backup indeed has a lot of advantages over others. But many people still have some misunderstandings about it. This article will expose the 6 of them in detail.

When it comes to data protection, making data backups will be inevitable in that a current data backup will play a good role in data recovery after unanticipated data loss. For instance, if you have already kept an up-to-date PST data backup in hand, when you suffer Outlook PST data corruption, you can extract the corrupt data from the backup with effortless ease.

Online Data Backup

Without any doubts, data backup is vitally important. Hence, increasing backup solutions spring up, including backup on local storage media and online backup and so on. In the current era, online data backup earns a lot of preferences from both individuals and businesses. So as to work best with online data backup, here are 6 most common myths about it, which you should correct right now.

1. Online Data Backup Is Expensive

In the early days, online backup is surly expensive so that only large businesses can afford it. But nowadays, with the popularization and constant development of cloud technology, online data backup is affordable almost for everyone. And there are many cloud storage and backup service that offers users a certain amount of free storage space. Of course, for the unlimited online backup service, you need to pay. But it only cost a little money per month.

2. One Online Data Backup Is Enough

Some people think that one online data backup is enough, which is totally wrong. In reality, you should also keep an additional backup to an external data storage device, like an external hard drive. It aims to equip you with a double insurance. Your online backup is actually stored in the data center of the service provider, so you cannot completely control it. Also, accessing the data online demands you to connect Internet. One more backup on a local device will be helpful if you cannot connect Internet.

3. File Sync Equals Online Data Backup

Many users treat file sync is the same as online data backup. Actually there are a lot of differences between them. One of the most striking imparity is their prices. File sync is much more expensive and harder than common online backup. Plus, file sync is copying files in either direction, namely either the source device or the cloud. But online backup is always copying data in one direction – the cloud.

4. Online Data Backup Is Not Secure

Although online data backup is very popular today, many people are still worried about their online data security. In fact, for data security, cloud backup service providers have made a great number of efforts. Most of them can provide users with two-factor authentications, which can protect your account more efficiently. In addition, data encryption is also available. In a nutshell, your online data can be well-protected if you make full use of the security tools.

5. Online Backup Takes Long Time

I’ve heard some people complain that online backup service is too slow. Actually in most situations, the service itself is not to blame. Its speed also relies on the speed of your Internet connection. If you’re backing up data on a dial-up or slow mobile connection, the online backup must take a long time. But today, with the development of broadband, such issues almost disappear.

6. All Online Backup Services Offer Same Things

As mentioned at the beginning, many related backup services come up. Hence, it may a bit difficult for us to choose a suitable and cost-effective one. A majority of users even think that all the online backup services come with the same things. It is a misconception. For instance, some service may offer you additional file sync feature, but some may supply unlimited storage. Some may permit you to back up social media files, but some not. All in all, they must have their distinctions. You should choose one as per your actual requirements.

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