6 Top Factors Influencing the Success of Your Data Recovery

Data loss occurs every day around the world. And when meeting up with annoying data disasters, you must try myriad of ways to retrieve the data. Since the success rate of data recovery is related to many factors, you should pay attention to them. Now let’s see more details about the factors.

Have you ever come across data loss? Have you ever attempt a data recovery? Even if you haven’t experienced above instances before, you must have heard of these things. When suffering data loss, people will definitely find various ways to restore their vital data. However, sometimes results may turn out to be bad. Actually, many factors can affect the results. Thus you can check following 6 factors to increase the success rate of data recovery.

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1.Overwrite Your Data

You might delete some crucial data or format hard drives by mistake. At this time, if you don’t stop operations and even continue to save new files in the same hard drive, then you will probably lose your vital data forever because the original data is covered by new data.

2.Oversized Files

If your corrupt data file is oversized or used for a long time, the file will generate a lot of fragmented information. And it will be difficult for repair tool to detect the file size accurately.

3.Re-partition Issues

In general, if you re-partition the computer or your computer’s partition table gets corrupt, data disasters will occur at random. And from some researches, the latter partition like “E” and “F” is safer than the partition in front like “C” and “D”. Thus you can choose to store your cherished data in the latter partitions.

4.Modified File Name

After your mistaken deletion in recycle bin, computer with Windows (NTFS) NT File System will automatically change files’ name like “De001.doc”. Thus, when you lost your files and attempt a recovery, you also have to check recovered files with similar names at the same time.

5.Hard Drives have Physical Damages

Hard drives should be taken good care. If you knock it or drop it when the hard drive can’t be detected, then the magnetic head of hard drive will scratch the disk. It will damage the storage medium and eventually cause irreparable data loss.

6.Readily Trust in Unreliable Repair Tool

When it comes to data loss, people may become rattled and want to restore their data as soon as possible. So they might choose third party tools to have a try, like selecting a pst file repair tool for help when encountering Outlook data corruption. But there are so many applications in the market. If you trust unprofessional software, it will lead to a failed recovery attempt and cause a second damage on your data, which will certainly influence subsequent success rate of data recovery.

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Allissa Shen is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including repair mdf error and word recovery software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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