6 Tips to Avoid Data Loss in Splitting Drive Partition

Many users intend to split a drive partition on their computers, but worry data loss. Hence, in this article, we will list 6 effective tips to avoid data loss in splitting drive partition.

Partitions are exactly separate rooms in a hard drive. In order to store different data in different rooms, you can split the drive into separate partitions. What is more, storing data separately in different partitions can strengthen data security and reduce the chances of data loss. Thus, it is a good way to effectively store and manage your data. Nevertheless, splitting partition is admittedly dangerous since it can lead to data loss due to various factors. Now, so as to help you avoid it, here we will expose 6 useful tips.

6 Tips to Avoid Data Loss in Splitting Drive Partition

1. Back up the Drive Partition

Without any doubts, making an up-to-date data backup is extremely important in prior to splitting a drive partition. If possible, it is also suggested to make a drive image for it. In this way, even if you find some files lost after splitting, you still can easily recover them from backups, such as Outlook recovery from PST backups. It is the most effective way to avert data loss.

2. Ensure Consistent Power Supply

It can be fatal and destructive if partition splitting process gets interrupted. Not only will you be subject to data loss, but also the drive itself may get damaged. So, it is necessary to eliminate all the risks that can result in interruption. The most common one is power failure. That is to say, you need to insure consistent power supply in this course. If you are using a laptop, ensure at least 80% battery power. If affordable, investing in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a good option.

3. Scan & Check the Partition in Advance

Besides, if the drive partition itself is unhealthy, splitting it will often fail, thereby leading to data loss. Therefore, you ought to scan, check it for errors and repair them. In Windows system, you can utilize the inbuilt CHKDSK. Likewise, if you’re working in Mac, you can apply Disk Utility instead.

4. Choose Appropriate Partition Sizes

Furthermore, before splitting a drive partition, you ought to decide the suitable partition sizes. For instance, you have to leave 50 to 100 BG for operating system. Otherwise, the operating system will has no enough room to work as normal. You will be subject to many problems in later time.

5. Better Not Split Partition with Operating System

In honesty, it is not recommended to split the partition which supports operating system on your PC. Just imagine it. The partition contains a lot of system settings and files. If you split it, the system settings may be modified, system files may be moved to wrong locations and your computer system will malfunction. More and more issues tend to take place.

6. Don’t Use Unreliable Partition Tool

Many users tend to utilize a third party tool to split drive partitions. In selection of such a tool, you have to insure its reliability. To be specific, you shouldn’t apply the tools from unknown developers or sources. Majority of them cannot be up to the task and even lead to more serious problems such as data loss.

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