6 Things You Must Look out for when Recovering Deleted Files in Hard Drive

Accidental file deletion is admittedly one of the most common causes of data loss. But, fortunately, it is pretty easy to recover deleted file. This article will list 6 things to watch out for in deleted file recovery.

When it comes to unintentional file deletion, a great amount of users must have ever experienced this. For instance, when you try to free up space on your hard drive, you may delete useful files by mistake. Similar cases are considerably common indeed.

But actually, such files are simple for recovery in hard drive. Deleted files still exist in the drive until new data reaches to the drive. Only file record is marked as deleted and the data area is marked as free for reuse. But, in file recovery, you still ought to pay special attention to the following 6 things. They can improve the chances of successful data recovery, such as PST recovery.

6 Things You Must Look out for when Recovering Deleted Files in Hard Drive

1. Don’t Bypass Recycle Bin

Many computer noobs tend to bypass the Recycle Bin. As a matter of fact, if a file is deleted by a “Delete” button, the file simply get into the Recycle Bin. So, you should not forget to check your Recycle Bin.

2. Don’t Continue to Operate on the Original Drive

In addition, after deleting a file, if you keep using your hard drive, there are great chances that overwrite may occur. Therefore, under this circumstance, you have to power the hard drive off, disconnect it, preventing problematic overwrites.

3. Make an Image of Drive if Opting for DIY Recovery

Moreover, if you intend to attempt DIY data recovery via software, you had better make a disk image for the original drive. Then, you can try recovery on the disk image instead of the original drive. This can avoid permanent data loss.

4. Don’t Resort to Unreliable Data Recovery Software or Service

What’s more, no matter recovery software or service you opt for, you should always choose the trustworthy ones. Unknown or unreliable ones will destroy your files thoroughly.

5. Don’t Download/Install Recovery Software in the Original Drive

Furthermore, if you decide to use recovery software, you should not download or install it in the original drive. Otherwise, it will definitely overwrite the file record and data area of the deleted file. In other words, this will ruin the chance of successful data recovery.

6. Don’t Recover Files to the Original Drive

Last but not least, similar to the above point, you also should never recover files to the original drive. Or else, the files will overwrite the deleted file. In the worse cases, if unluckily the recovered files are corrupt or unable to be opened, you will kiss your deleted files goodbye forever.

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