6 Steps to Delete Appointments in Batches

If you always waste too much time on deleting appointments one by one, you should learn the quick methods introduced in this article to delete them in batches.

As we all know, it is quite easy to delete a single appointment in our calendar. We can just pitch on the appointment, right click and select “Delete” option. Even no Outlook alerts pop up. The entire process will be pretty smooth. However, if you would like to delete a block of appointments, what will you do? Do you still use the same right click? Of course you can still utilize the same methods, but unquestionably it is the most stupid and primitive means. There is another rapid way, by which you can gather all appointments in a list, and only one click can help you delete all of them.

If you are really interested in this effective method, follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Delete Appointments in Batches

  1. For a start you should click the “Calendar” in the navigation pane.
  2. Then in your calendar, switch to the “View” tab.Change View in Calendar
  3. Locate the “Current View” ribbon, and you will be required to click “Change View” button in this ribbon. From the drop-down list, you should select “List” option. Alternatively, you can choose “Active” as well if target appointments are future or recurring.
  4. You can sort all appointments as per your preference. You can order the list by clicking your desired column heading such as subject, location, time, recurrence pattern.Delete Appointments in Batches
  5. Next you can select specific appointments that you want to delete. If you need to click more than one appointment, you can press Ctrl key and meanwhile select them. In addition, press “Ctrl + A” can help you select all items in quick time.
  6. After choosing wanted appointments, right click them and select “Delete” in the context menu. You can see that all selected items will be deleted in a jiffy.

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