6 Steps to Check Why You Cannot Receive the Expected Emails in Outlook

Many people must have met the case that they couldn’t receive the expected emails although the senders have told them the emails have been sent out. Here are the 6 quick checks to troubleshoot this issue.

I have never concerned about this trouble in Outlook ever before, But on one occasion, my superior called me in anger and asked me why I didn’t reply the email to him in time, which referred to an important business. All these are resulted from no emails arriving in my mailbox on Outlook. In order to solve this issue, I go through the following 6 checks.

1. Check Your Junk Email Folder

First of all, check your junk email folder, which might be bypassed. For insurance, you have to check this folder, and verify whether the emails land into this folder by mistakes. If not, turn to the next check.Check Your Junk Email Folder

2. Check Antivirus Scanner

Antivirus scanner is another element that can be neglected frequently. Antivirus scanner plays an important role in preventing virus attacks. But sometimes, it also leads to multiple troubles, such as blocking some emails mistakenly. Thus go to “Outlook Options” > “Add-ins”, and disable the antivirus scanner add-ins. Then wait a while to see whether the expected emails can arrive at present. If still not, take other solutions.Disable the Antivirus Scanner Add-ins

3. Check Your External Anti-spam Tool

In order to inhibit a deluge of spams, some people prefer to install an external anti-spam tool. In such a scenario, you should disable it right now. As a rule, the tool will create a specific folder in Outlook or store the spam in itself. Therefore, you need to check its documentation and locate the expected emails in quarantine. After finding them, you should check if the emails are over there. If not, proceed to other ways.

4. Check Your Mailbox on Other Devices

Provided that you have configured your email account on several devices, unquestionably you should check if the emails arrive on other devices. If you find them on other devices, you had better to reconfigure your email accounts in Outlook to eliminate this issue permanently.

If you are using a POP3 account, you need to set all the devices to leave a copy on the server. In Outlook, go to “Account Settings” window. Then select the target account and click “Change” button. Next hit “More Settings”. Finally switch to “Advanced” tab, under which you can select “Leave a copy on the server”.Leave a Copy on the Server

5. Check Your Web-based Mailbox

If you cannot find the emails on any other devices, you can entirely ascertain that the issue is not caused by the local devices or configurations. Therefore, you need check your web-based mailbox.

When logging on, you need to check if the emails can arrive in the web-based mailbox. If not, you have to ask the senders to send the email to you once again. If it arrives, the issue must be related to the send/receive errors or corrupt mail profile. You can take corresponding ways depending on the two kinds of reasons.

6. Let Senders Check Their Own Outbox and Relevant Settings

If the above 5 checks still cannot bring out the not arrived emails, you have to think about if it is rooted in the senders. Thus you have no choice but to ask senders to check their own outbox, seeing if the emails are stuck, or check other relevant settings.

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