6 Solutions to Stuck “Scanning and repairing drive” Issue in Windows 10

If you’ve updated to Windows 10, have you ever encountered stuck “Scanning and repairing drive” issue on booting? This problem has plagued multiple Windows 10 users. Hence, this article will offer 6 solutions to it.

After upgrading to Windows 10 system, many users have been subject to a lot of problems, including the stuck “Scanning and repairing drive” issue when booting up Windows. When confronted with it, first off, you may feel it common. However, later you may find it seems halting at a certain percentage with no sign to finish. To be specific, the process may get stuck in 20 % or 40 % or other stages. Thus, in this situation, you try restarting your computer. But unfortunately, you encounter it once again.

6 Solutions to Stuck "Scanning and repairing drive" Issue in Windows 10

As a matter of fact, this trouble can occur from many reasons, such as bad sectors on the internal drive, last improper PC shutdown, damaged system files, virus or malware attacks, corrupt registry files, malfunctioning drivers and so on. Looking at this issue, we will provide you some effective solutions in the followings.

1. Change Boot Order

  1. Restart your computer and hold the “F2” key button meanwhile until the BIOS screen display.
  2. Then, go to Boot section to check the boot priority list.
  3. If your internal drive is not the first once, change it to the top.
  4. After that, save and exit BIOS. Finally, you can reboot your PC.

2. Boot in Safe mode

  1. Hold the Power button to shut down the computer.
  2. Then, press the Power button to restart it.
  3. Next, you will see the “Windows failed to start” or something alike.
  4. At present, select “Advanced Repair Options” > “Troubleshoot”.
  5. Later, choose “Advanced Options” and “Startup Settings”.
  6. Finally, hit “Restart” and choose “Safe Mode”.

3. Run CHKDSK in CMD

  1. In the first place, insert the installation media and boot from it.
  2. Then, click on “Repair your computer” option.
  3. Next, select “Troubleshoot” > “Command Prompt”
  4. Then, in the command prompt, input “fsutil dirty query [driverletter]:” and press “Enter”.
  5. Next, type the line – “chkntfs /x [driverletter]:” and hit “Enter”.
  6. After command finishes, type “Exit” and then try to reboot.

4. Disable CHKDSK on Booting

  1. Follow the Step 1 to 3 in the above solution to trigger command prompt.
  2. Then, input “bcdedit” and hit “Enter”.
  3. Next, in the displaying list, find the “resumeobject” and write down the long number next to it.
  4. Afterwards, type “bcdedit /set (the long number) reocveryenabled No”.
  5. When seeing the message prompting success, type “Exit” and reboot your PC.

5. System Restore

  1. Access “Troubleshoot” like Method 3.
  2. Then, choose “Advanced Options” > “System Restore”.
  3. Next, select a date before stuck “Scanning and repairing drive” issue occurs.
  4. Lastly, click “Next”> “Finish” and reboot your PC.

6. Reinstall System

Undoubtedly, the worst scenario is that all the above solutions failed. It usually indicates that your computer system must encounter extremely serious problem. At that point, maybe your unique DIY solution is to reinstall your system. You can easily accomplish it by following onscreen wizards after inserting the installation media. But this way will erase the system drive data. Before doing it, you should ensure an updated data backup that can let you recover data with effortless ease like Outlook recovery.

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