6 Solutions when a SD Card Cannot Be Recognized on a Smartphone

To be honest, it’s very common that you insert a SD card into your smartphone but it cannot be detected by the phone. Don’t worry. In this article, we will share you 6 effective solutions to this problem.

Your SD card must be storing a lot of valuable and important data, like precious photos, videos and others. To access the data in a SD card, you have to insert it to a device, such as camera or smartphone. Generally, when you plug a SD card into a smartphone, the phone will automatically detect and mount it. However, if now, after you insert your SD card into your smartphone, you still cannot access the SD card data. Most of time, it is because that the smartphone doesn’t recognize this card. Here are 6 optional solutions for your reference.

6 Solutions when a SD Card Cannot Be Recognized on a Smartphone

1. Mount SD Card on Smartphone

First off, you should check if the SD card is mounted properly on your phone. If it is not mounted, you can try mounting it manually. Just access “Settings” menu on your phone. Then, locate and tap “Storage”. Next you can select “Format SD Card” > “Mount SD Card”. Sometimes, it can solve this problem. Yet, if it fails, do not panic. Just try other means.

2. Try SD Card on other Devices

In such a case, you may suspect whether the device, namely smartphone, is the culprit or not. Therefore, you can restart your phone, eject and insert the SD card over and over again. If it is to no avail, you can try this SD card on other devices, such as other phone, camera or even your laptop. Assuming SD card still cannot work on other media, it is very likely that the card is damaged. Thus, move on to repair it.

3. Perform CHKDSK on SD Card

As we all know, Windows has an inbuilt disk repair tool – CHKDSK, which is able to scan and repair a disk. Hence, you can try repairing the issues on SD card with this tool. Connect the SD card to your laptop system. Then you should write down the drive letter of the SD card. Next, access Command Prompt and input “chkdsk card drive letter: /r”. Finally press “Enter” key button. It will check for errors with this card and try fixing them. But, if unfortunately it fails, you have to apply other methods.

4. Reformat SD Card

As long as what your SD card suffers are logical issues, you can simply fix them by reformatting it. Insert the SD card to your computer system. Then access the Disk Management tool and find this card. Right click on it and choose “Format”. Next, just follow the onscreen wizard. Finally, after formatting, you can re-insert the SD card to your phone to see if it can work. Nevertheless, by this means, all the card data will be cleared. You have to perform data recovery, like Outlook recovery on PC.

5. Repair SD Card by Third Party Tool

Nowadays, there are a great number of SD card repair tools available. Thereby, it is also a feasible option to select such a repair tool for repairing your SD card. But, during selecting, you should beware of the untrusty tools. Don’t utilize those free tools from unknown sources too readily. They can further damage your SD card.

6. Ask Specialists for Help

Provided that the SD card contains extremely significant data, which you cannot accept losing, you can consult with data recovery professionals for help. There are many such recovery services on today’s market. If you can afford it, maybe it is still possible to recover your SD card data.

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Shirley Zhang is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including mdf recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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