6 Solutions to “There is not enough free space on partition (C:)” Error

Today, we will talk about a specific error which often occurs when people want to upgrade their computer systems. The error mentions “There is not enough free space on partition (C:)”. We will discuss about it and offer 6 effective solutions.

The error that mentions “There is not enough free space on partition (C:)” always occurs in system upgrade process. And it also appears when you want to install new programs, download new games and etc. To prevent data disaster and solve this error, you can refer to this article which will offer 6 powerful methods for you.

 Error Message

1 Delete useless or trash files/folders

After a long-time use, there are many useless or unhelpful files/folders in the partition C, like histories, temp files, and etc. If you don’t have a habit of cleaning up these files regularly, then these helpless files will occupy more and more storage space. Thus you’d better check if there are too many useless files in partition C.

2 Resize partition space

If there is enough space in other partitions, then you could consider resizing the partition space. And add more space to the partition C to solve this problem. Before the resizing, you’d better back up the precious data like PST file in the computer to prevent data disaster like pst corruption.

3 Move some unused files from your local drive to external hard drive

If you think that it’s too tiring to resize the partition space, then you can choose to move some unused files from your local drive to external hard drive. Meanwhile, you should be careful and avoid deleting some systems files or other important files. Otherwise, you will get into other troubles instead.

4 Download different antivirus software

Virus can do many terrible things like installing many programs or download many files without telling you. And virus always likes to install items in partition C. Therefore, if you have not installed anti-virus software, you ought to call in a reputed one. Besides, if you have an anti-virus application already, then you can also select different tools to detect your computer.

5 Run Windows cleanup tool

As a matter of a fact, windows always has built-in tools to help you free up the space on your hard disks. Now you can follow the steps below to clean up your system volume.

  • Firstly, go to Start Button, and click “All Programs”.
  • Next, click “Accessories”>>”System Tools”>>” Disk Cleanup”.
  • After that, in the new window, select “drive C” and click “OK”.
  • Then, it will analyze data which can be cleaned. You could “Clean up system files” to start the process.

6 Move paging file to other partitions

In addition, you can also solve this error by moving the paging file to other partitions. Now take following steps to get rid of the trouble.

  • Firstly, launch the computer as Administrator.
  • Next, Click “Start”>>”Computer”>>”Advanced system settings”.
  • In the new window, click the “Advanced” and “Settings”.
  • In the next new dialog box, click “Advanced”>>”Change”.
  • Then, do not choose “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives “. And click any other partition instead of system partition.
  • Next, click “Custom size”. And enter the value in the “Initial size (MB)” box. Enter the size in the “Maximum size (MB)” box and click “Set”.
  • Then select “No paging file” in the “Drive [Volume Label]” list. And Click “Set”.
  • Finally, click “Yes”.

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