6 Solutions for “The format did not complete successfully” Error

Today we will talk about an error which occurs when you want to format hard drives. The error mentions “The format did not complete successfully”. Don’t worry. We will analyze it and offer 6 solutions.

The error which mentions that “The format did not complete successfully” could occur in many situations. And it usually happens when people want to format storage devices including internal hard drives and external hard drives. To resolve this issue, you can have a look at this article and take following 6 effective methods.

Hard Disk Error

1 Virus

To begin with, you should install or update anti-virus software. There are multiple viruses in the world and they can trigger plenty of problems including this one. If you haven’t installed a protective application or haven’t updated the tool for a long time, you’d better go into action right now.

2 Bad Sectors

Bad sectors are one of the most common factors that can lead to this error. Therefore, you should check whether the disk that you want to format has any bad sectors there. In this case, you can go to the start menu and type “chkdsk” to find this built-in tool. Then click shown-up application and following its easy tips to check your disks.

3 Use cmd tool

Besides the above inbuilt tool, you can make use of another inner tool named “Command Prompt” to solve your problem. Now, follow steps below to get started.

  • Go to start menu and enter “cmd” to find the tool.
  • Next type this in the window “FORMAT X: /FS:FAT32 /Q /V:PenDrive” to format the disk again.

4 Wipe the Disk

If you still cannot format the disk, you can choose to wipe all the data in the hard drives as well. In this case, you can do it manually or automatically. You can find useless files the total sizes of which are similar to the storage size of the disk. And fulfill the disk with these files. Then delete those files. You can repeat above steps several times to wipe the data permanently.

5 Recreate partition

In addition, you can also recreate new partitions to settle down the issue. In this case, you ought to open the Disk Management tool and right click to choose “Delete Volume” option. Then you can create new partitions. And during this process, the disk will be formatted automatically.

6 Third-party tools

When foresaid methods cannot make any sense, then you have no choice but to resort to experts to fix the error like calling in professionals to fix pst file. Please note that do not seek help from amateur friends. The repair work needs at least a strict environment which normal people don’t have one.

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