6 Reasons and Solutions When External Drive Suddenly Becomes RAW

Today, we will talk about a case that external drives become raw suddenly. You can refer to this article to find relevant reasons and solutions.

As we discuss a case that partitions become raw suddenly before in article 6 Reasons & Solutions when Disk Partition Becomes RAW, today we will continue to talk about another situation that external drive suddenly becomes raw. If you meet up with the same problem, then you can have a look at following reasons and solutions to get rid of the issue successfully.

External Drive Error

1 Connection

The first thing that you can do to solve this problem is that check all the cables in the computer are working in a normal manner. Sometimes, many factors can make the cables become too loose to work as usual. And at this time, you will definitely get this error.

2 Improper operations

Everyone should keep a good and correct habit of using external and portable hard disks. For instance, when you want to remove the disks from the computer, you should check the “Safely Remove Hardware” option instead of plugging them out immediately. In this case, you should pay more attention to the right operation and try the process again.

3 Power failures

Power failures are common causes that can trigger this error as well. And it can occur in many situations, especially in extreme weather like thunderstorm. If you don’t have Uninterruptible Power System (UPS), then you should be very careful. Since power failure can also lead to this error, you should ensure that you have turned off the computer when not in use and backed up all the data already.

4 Viruses

Undoubtedly, viruses are one of the most disgusting causes that can result in this error. And they can even ruin all the data in the computer. In this case, you ought to download powerful anti-virus software and update it all the time to prevent any new viruses.

5 Hard drive failures

If the hard drive is corrupted somehow, then you will receive such an error absolutely. At this point, you should utilize built-in tool called chkdsk to scan the hard disk and try to repair the problem automatically. You can find this tool by going to the start menu. And enter “chkdsk” in the search box.

6 Partition table

Partition table is an important part of hard drives. Corrupt partition table can cause this kind of errors too. When the inbuilt tool cannot detect any problems, you can choose a third party tool to attempt a recovery. And in order to protect important data in hard drives, you should call in a reliable tool. Otherwise, bad applications can ruin your vital data and you will need extra recovery like Outlook fix.

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