6 Reasons & Solutions for “Error Loading Operating System”

When you start your computer, you might receive this specific error saying “Error Loading Operating System”. Don’t worry. We will discuss this problem and offer 6 relevant solutions.

This error often occurs when people try to boot their computer. And it is relevant with  many factors. If you come across this error at startup, don’t worry, we will analyze the reasons in this article and provide corresponding solutions for you to track this problem easily.

Error Loading Operating System

1 Hard disk failures

All the hard drives have lifespans. And many factors can influence it as well. If you take good care of it, the hard drive will work for a pretty long time. If you use it improperly all the time, then it will get corrupt easily. If your bootable hard drive corrupted, then you will not boot your computer smoothly. Thus you should check if the hard disk can work normally.

2 Wrong hard disk MBR information

Master Boot Record (MBR) is important for booting computer normally. If it is wrong, then the computer will not find the right bootable drive and read the right data to load the operating system. So when you get this error, you should repair or even rebuild the Master Boot Record (MBR) immediately.

3 Operating system issues

Operating system error could trigger this problem too. Sometimes, when people want to delete some useless files/ folders, they might delete system files/folders by mistakes. Thus, corrupt OS will probably result in this typical error. In this case, you should check your computer operating system or even reinstall it when necessary.

4 Wrong bootable hard disks settings

If there are several hard drives in your computer, then you should ensure that you have set the right hard disk as the bootable hard drive to load operating systems. Sometimes, people might choose a wrong hard disk as the first boot disk. Thus, they will come across this problem absolutely.

5 Improperly partitioned

If the hard disk is partitioned improperly, then error like this will happen as well. Therefore, in this situation, you have to format the hard disk and then repartition it correctly. Please keep in mind that before the format, you should back up the drives if there are any vital data like PST files. Otherwise, you will have to take lot of effort to repair Outlook.

6 Improperly set up BIOS

Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) is the program that helps get the computer system started. So if the settings are wrong, then you will definitely get the error. You should check whether you have updated the BIOS settings or not. And ensure that the setting in the BIOS is correct.

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