6 Kinds of Data You Must Back Up Before Reformatting Your Computer

It is known that reformatting a machine will erase everything in it. Thus, before you reformat your computer, it is essential to back up some important data. This article will expose the 6 most important kinds of data you must back up.

Reformatting your computer will not only reinstall the operating system but also erase all the data on the computer. Therefore, if you do not make an updated data backup before reformatting PC, you’ll suffer data loss. Now, in the followings, we will list out the 6 top kinds of data you must back up in the process.

6 Kinds of Data You Must Back Up Before Reformatting Your Computer

1. Documents, Movies and Music

Generally, when it comes to important data, most users will firstly think of their significant documents, like Word documents, Excel workbooks, PPT files, Access reports, etc., and some personal data, like movies and music. Therefore, you need to back up your documents, music and movies before formatting your PC.

2. Applications

Maybe your computer has installed some applications whose installation files are difficult to find. In order not to lose these rare programs, you’d better back them up as well. For instance, you should back up your purchased game files, such that you can rapidly restore them without repurchasing or re-downloading them after reformatting.

3. Drivers

Your computer must be installed with multiple drivers, including network card, motherboard chipset and so on. They are extremely important. Without them, it is very likely that your computer hardware, such as mouse or keyboard, may stop functioning as normal. Thus, before formatting your PC, back up the drivers!

4. Email Client

Nowadays, email has become a common communication approach. Hence, maybe you have installed an email client on your PC, such as Microsoft Outlook. In it, you may have created and stored a lot of emails, contacts, appointments and tasks. So, before formatting your PC, you should back up the email client, too. For example, in terms of MS Outlook, you can just back up the Outlook PST file; so that you can easily recover PST data after reformatting PC.

5. Browsers

Almost every computer users will search something on their web browsers every day. Therefore, absolutely, there must be a lot of data in your browsers, such as bookmarks, security certificates, and other browser settings. So as to reconfigure your browser more easily after computer reformatting, you should back up them and take screenshots of all pages about Browser settings.

6. License Keys

If you’ve installed some software whose full version demands a paid license, you should also back up the license keys. Otherwise, without the keys, you will have to repurchase them, which is surely what you don’t expect.

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