6 Important Qualities to Look For in a Data Recovery Tool

In this post, you’ll discover what to look for in a good data recovery tool. Tips that will make it easy to select the right tool in a market that’s flooded with options.

When files are deleted accidentally or a computer storage media fails, your organization can be thrown into frenzy. You want to do everything you can to recover the lost information and get your business back on its feet. You might contact a data recovery expert or shop around for a tool that you can use to restore the lost files. The right tool should allow you to scan affected storage media to reveal all recoverable files and restore them.

DataNumen Data Recovery

While there are lots of available data recovery solutions in the market, your success in restoring your lost data will depend on the tools you use. Here are important qualities to look for when choosing data recovery software:

1.     Paid Vs Free Data Recovery Tools

When shopping for a data recovery tool, one of the dilemmas you’ll be faced with is whether to go for paid or free software. Free data recovery tools may sound attractive. However, when it comes to ensuring the integrity of the recovered data, your priority should be quality. A free tool might have limited features, fail to restore some data, or expose your system to malware attacks.

2.     Efficient

A quality tool should be able to restore the files lost as much as possible, as a result of intentional or accidental formatting, hard disk crash, emptied recycle bin, and O.S partition error. It should support various disk file formats such as FAT, FAT32, and NTFS. You shouldn’t require extra tools to get your data back whether it’s in video, image or text format.

3.     Versatile

You may possess computers with different operating systems. For instance, you may have systems running on different versions of Windows or macOS. You could also want to recover documents that were stored in tablets and mobile phones that run on android or iOS. Your software of choice should give you the flexibility to recover data from a wide range of operating systems and electronic devices. 

4.     User-friendly

The best solutions in the market involve simple steps that even non-expert users can follow and recover data with minimal or no assistance. These tools feature a friendly user interface and simple steps that are easy to follow. A good example of such a tool is DataNumen Data Recovery, a powerful tool for recovering files and data in just several intuitive steps.

5.     Customer Support 

Only opt for tools that are backed by reliable 24/7 customer support. This way, if you are stuck while using the tool, you can get the help you need to complete retrieving your lost information.

6.     Should have a Preview Option

This feature enables you to check the file before restoring it and make sure it contains the information you are looking for. This will save you time and the inconvenience of retrieving a file only to realize that you recovered the wrong document.

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