6 Essential Things in Physical Data Recovery on Hard Drive

You shouldn’t attempt DIY data recovery on the hard drive that is suffering physical damage. It is because physical hard drive recovery requires specialized things. Now, in this article, we will expose 6 essential things in such data recovery.

6 Essential Things in Physical Data Recovery on Hard DriveWhen it comes to hard drive failure, various causes can occur to your mind, such as file system corruption, improper formatting, corrupt track servo information, head component damage, control circuit damage and so on. Generally, hard drive damages can be divided into two types. One is software issues, say file corruption like PST corruption, which can be easily solved by recovery software most of time. The other one is physical damage that will demand physical drive recovery.

You shouldn’t try to fix physical damage via software. Otherwise, further damage will definitely be caused in that keeping a physically damaged hard drive running will make more components damaged and cause data overwrite. The unique way is physical recovery, namely opening the drive to repair its malfunctioning parts.  You can’t do it by yourself as this process will require lots of specialized things as well as expert knowledge. Here we will show you the important technical things in physical data recovery on hard drive.

1. Hard Drive Imager

First off, a device which can clone a hard drive is definitely a matter of necessity. It is responsible for making an image for the damaged hard drive. An image file is really a must-have in this process. As for the reasons and more details, you could refer to another article – “Why You Must Make an Image of the Failed Hard Drive before Data Recovery?

2. Tool for Testing Firmware

Firmware is a very important component inside a hard drive. It is responsible for a lot of main functions of a drive, such as the key feature – reading and writing to the hard drive. Hence, in physical data recovery, examining firmware is required absolutely. So, the professional tool for testing firmware is a necessity.

3. Device for Reading & Writing to Firmware

When ensuring that something wrong have occurred to the firmware, recovery engineers will proceed to re-configure it, namely reading and writing to firmware. This procedure will definitely demand particular device as well.

4. Utility for a Bit Level Raw Recovery

Similar to recovery software for fixing logical issues on a hard drive, in physical data recovery, the specific tool for bit level RAW recovery is also a must-have. It is extremely important in recovering data after fixing the physical damages on hard drive.

5. Cleanroom

When a hard drive suffers physical damage, one of the most essential steps must be to open this hard drive to check all of its components, determining the faulty one. However, hard drive is quite sensitive and vulnerable, such as a bit of dusts can lead to drive corruption. For this reason, a cleanroom is highly demanded.

6. Professionals with Sufficient Experience

As what mentioned above, hard drive is susceptible to corruption. Therefore, any improper operations when opening and testing a drive can result in destructive outcome. Therefore, if you lack experience and have no knowledge about dealing with drive inside, you have to take recourse to a hard drive recovery expert.

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