6 Effective Tips to Protect Your Business from a Data Breach

Cyber criminals increase rapidly with the development of technology. And data breach is especially concerned a lot. Not only will it be a big threat for normal people, but also it can destroy you company’s reputation. Thus, to defeat against data breach is imperative. Here are 6 useful tips for you.

A data breach can cause many negative effects no matter for the clients or the companies. Financial fraud, hacker attack or crisis of confidence may follow soon.

Protecting your business from a data breach is an important work that you should hold out. And it is not as difficult as you imagine, particularly for those small to medium organizations. In this article, we will offer 6 helpful tips to support you.

prevent data breach

1.Apply ideal security technology

In this era of highly developed intelligence technology, we should also keep up with the pace. For instance, you can make use of automatic backup service, if you want to restore data from a data disaster like Outlook corruption, backups can help you resolve the problem easily. Similarly, you can invest in some security technologies to safeguard the computer systems, control or manage the flow of information, and etc.

Besides, you should always keep an eye on companies’ actual dynamic in order to make appropriate adjustments. Then you will finally get paid from it.

2.Update software

Although it’s a very common saying, I have to emphasize that do not forget to update your software. Otherwise, lawbreakers are prone to take advantage of the bugs of old version programs. The latest version of software also means the latest secure technology which can resist most malicious attacks.

3.Set computer account boundaries

To avoid phishing attacks, you can set computer accounts to common “users” other than “administrator” rights. It can protect your data when the criminals want to gain access to high-level network privileges. Meanwhile, attacks occurring in basic “user” account can decrease the damage and data loss.

4.Build password vault

Many have an incorrect habit of setting simple and same passwords for convenience. This bad behavior will leave both yourself and the company in danger. Building a password vault can totally solve the problem. You could set complex, long and different passwords for every website and have no need to remember them all the time.

5.Staff training

Develop staff education is a vital part. You should train the employees in a regular manner to ensure that they know up-to-date threat landscape and cybercriminals ways. Thus they will be careful during the working and able to see through the fraud. Only in this way, can you protect your data effectively.

6.Prepare for recovery plans in advance

Apart from the prevention, developing a rescue plan after the accident is of great importance as well. It should include ways to protect against more severe attacks, seize the behind criminals, fix technical vulnerabilities and etc.

Author Introduction:

Allissa Shen is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including SQL Server recovery and word recovery software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com


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