6 Common Reasons & Solutions for “SD card unexpectedly removed” Error

Have you ever received the error – “SD card unexpectedly removed” in your phone or camera? But, in reality, you don’t remove the SD card. Now, in this article, we will expose 6 of the most common reasons and solutions to you.

When viewing some photos stored in the SD card on your phone or camera, if you suddenly receive the error – “SD Card unexpectedly removed. Unmount SD card before removing to avoid data loss”, you must be going to search various tricks to fix it. Now, in the followings, we will show you the 6 top reasons and solutions.

"SD card unexpectedly removed" Error

1. Faulty Connection

There is a chance that the connection between your device, no matter a phone or a digital camera, and SD card is loose. Thus, the device cannot recognize the card successfully and throw out the error message – “SD Card unexpectedly removed”. In this case, you need to turn off the device and remove the SD card. After a while, reinsert the card back to its slot to see if error has been gone.

2. Card Isn’t Formatted

At times, if the SD card is not formatted, you may receive this error as well. To fix this issue, you need to format the SD card. Yet, formatting will erase the card data totally. Thus, in order to prevent card data loss, you should back up the SD card in the first place, which can make data recovery much easier, like Outlook recovery on PC with backups.

3. Compatibility Issue

In addition, provided that the SD card is incompatible with your device, you may get this error, too. In this scenario, you have to check the version and instructions of your card and device to figure out whether they are matched up to each other. If they are not matched, you should use this card on the compatible devices.

4. Device Is Damaged

Furthermore, if your device is damaged, no matter in physical or logical level, the error – “SD Card unexpectedly removed” may pop up as well. In this situation, it’s time to insert your card to another device or PC to see it can function normally. If it works fine, you can confirm that the device is damaged. Then, what you need to do is repair the device.

5. Virus Infection

What’s more, it is possible that your SD card has been attacked by viruses. Thus, it is also necessary to run antivirus software on your device to scan and remove the viruses on the SD card. After that, unplug and re-plug the card to check if the error persists.

6. Card Is Too Old

No matter what kind of data storage media, they all have their limited lifespans. The same is true of SD card. Hence, it is likely that your SD card is degraded after long-term use. If this is the real cause, you have no choice but to purchase a new one.

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