6 Common Cases when You Can Perform Logical Data Recovery

So-called logical data recovery refers to using recovery software to restore lost data. Many are confused with when is the right time to perform logical data recovery. In this article, we will list out 6 common cases suitable for such recovery.

When you encounter frustrating data loss, the next step must be data recovery, In this case, if you have an up-to-date data backup, it’ll be very convenient and easy. You can simply get back data from backups, like to recover PST from Outlook data backups. Yet, if you haven’t made backups, you have no alternative but to attempt difficult data recovery.

6 Common Cases when You Can Perform Logical Data Recovery

Generally, under this circumstance, many users tend to employ data recovery tool. However, in some cases, performing logical data recovery may result in further damages. It is due to that these cases are unsuitable for such data recovery. Now, in the followings, we’ll list out 6 common scenarios where you can safely perform logical data recovery.

1. File Deletion by Mistake

Multiple users must have ever deleted any files by mistake. Actually, deleted files are not completely wiped from the drive. It is only erased from the table of drive. But the data is still right where you deleted it from. In this situation, most of data recovery software can help you get back the data like a breeze.

2. Partition Failure

Data loss can occur from partition damage. For instance, if you try to repair the partition table or repartition the hard drive but the process fail for some reasons, or you do any improper operations in this course, the drive partition will tend to get damaged. At that time, data on this partition will be lost. Fortunately, this case can be coped with data recovery software.

3. Virus Infection

Moreover, you can perform logical data recovery in the event of data loss due to virus infection as well. Nowadays, viruses have become increasingly rampant. In this case, the files attacked and damaged by viruses are actually subject to logical issues. So, data recovery software can rescue them with ease most of time.

4. Sudden Power Outage

It is well-known that sudden power outages can damage data too. A blackout will make computer to shut down abruptly and incorrectly, thereby further leading to data corruption and data loss. Nevertheless, luckily, you could make use of a data recovery utility to retrieve the lost data.

5. Unbootable Operating System

Have you ever failed to boot into your computer operating system? For example, you start up your PC but it cannot get access to the BIOS screen. Then, the system cannot find and read the bootable drive. In this case, you will lose access to your computer data. In this case, you can attempt logical data recovery.

6. Hard Drive Not Spinning

When you insert an external hard drive in a machine, it can’t spin up as normal and the system cannot detect and mount it. In this scenario, if you can confirm that the drive hasn’t suffered physical damages, it is very likely that the drive is subject to logical issues. So, you can perform logical data recovery on it.

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