5 Wrong Hard Drive Data Recovery Methods You Should Never Try

When your hard drive gets corrupted and data becomes inaccessible, you will surely proceed to attempt hard drive data recovery. At this point, you should never try the following 5 wrong ways, which may cause further damage on your drive.

As soon as you encounter hard drive failure and can’t access your hard drive data, you’ll leave no stones unturned to perform hard drive data recovery. In this time, you’ll definitely search various data recovery methods on the Internet. There are many enthusiasts who will give you all kinds of suggestions. However, you should not trust in any readily as some of them are not inadvisable. Some may even lead to further damages and even make data recovery more difficult, such as making PST recovery impossible. So as to block you from utilizing wrong data recovery methods, here we will list out 5 ways you should never try.

5 Wrong Hard Drive Data Recovery Methods You Should Never Try

1. Freeze the Hard Drive

Freezing drive usually refers to putting the drive in a freezer. It’s been suggested a lot by a lot of computer enthusiasts. Nevertheless, actually, this method is not help. Today’s hard drive are designed and produced much more precise than ago. So freezing a hard drive can cause condensation on the outside and inside of the hard drive, leading to further damage to the platters. Also, freezing can result in short out of the electronic components.

2. Bash the Hard Drive

When facing a malfunctioning hard drive which is suffering physical issues, such as clicking sounds, many users may tend to whack the hard drive. However, any violent forces on the drive can make the components out of place, destroying the drive thoroughly. Plus, bashing the drive cannot fix any logical issues on the drive.

3. Replace the Electronic Boards

If your hard drive cannot function after power surge, maybe you will suspect that the electronics board of the drive is suffering. In this case, some may suggest you to simply replace the electronic boards to get drive to work as usual. But, in reality, switching it is not an easy matter. If you install a wrong type of electronic boards, it will damage the drive heads and then the platters, making recovery impossible.

4. Turn on/off the Drive Back and Forth

When you find that the hard drive malfunctions, you may be accustomed to turn on or off the drive back and forth. For instance, if an internal hard drive in the computer cannot work as usual, you may be used to booting your computer repetitively. However, such operations will not bring your hard drive to function. It can make your drive wear and crash completely.

5. Try Recovery Software in Case of Physical Damage

Provided that what your hard drive comes across is physical damage instead of logical troubles, you should never use recovery software. Software can only fix the logical errors. To fix the physically damaged hard drive, you can only resort to drive recovery professionals, who have specialized knowledge, cleanroom as well as technical tools.

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