5 Wise Solutions to Boot Loop Issue in Android Phones

Have you ever been subject to the issue that your Android phone keeps booting on its own? It prevents you from accessing your phone data. Thus, you’d better take the 5 solutions in this article to fix it.

The issue that Android phone keeps booting by itself has plagued multiple users. Not only will it prevent users from contacting others via phone, but also they may be in danger of permanent phone data loss. Thereby, it’s necessary to resolve this problem as quickly as possible. Now, thereinafter, we will introduce 5 suggested solutions to it.

Boot Loop Issue in Android Phones

1. Reboot after Removing Battery

At times, Android phone keeping booting may not mean that the phone is broken totally or suffering some considerably serious issues. It may be a tiny problem. In this situation, virtually, a simple turnoff can fix it. Now, you can turn off the phone and take out its battery. If you are not allowed to take the battery out, you need to let phone off for around 5 minutes and then turn it on again to check if boot loop issue persists.

2. Remove Connected Devices

In addition, this problem can occur from all the inserted things, including SD card, SIM card and so on. For instance, the connected cards are incompatible with your phone or their connections are loose and so on. Under this circumstance, you can remove these connected devices and then restart phone.

3. Try Recovery Mode

Confronted with boot loop issue in Android phone, you can try to reboot it into Custom Recovery mode. It may be able to restore your phone to a normal state. It demands you turn off phone and then press “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons at the same time. In the subsequent “Custom Recovery” menu screen, you’re able to select the right recovery options via “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” buttons.

4. Factory Reset

Aside from recovery mode, you can select to factory reset the phone. Yet, this way will erase your phone data thoroughly. You have to guarantee an effective backup in hand, which will help you a lot in restoring data after factory resetting, like PST recovery from backups in PC. The concrete steps about factory resetting a phone depend on the phone brands. You can search the detailed methods online.

5. Use Third Party Tool/Service

Last but not least, provided that the solutions above are unable to help you, you’d better take recourse to third party services or software. There are a lot of related tools or services available. You can pick out a reliable and experienced one like a breeze.

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