5 Vital Tips for Making Proper Mac Data Backups

As we all know, the best way to avoid data loss is to back up the data regularly. The same holds true for Mac data. Thus, in this article, we will share 5 effective tricks to help you make foolproof Mac data backups.

No one is willing to encounter data loss, which can bring out blazing catastrophic consequences. Therefore, you have to try your best to avoid the painful data loss. One of the best precautions is, undoubtedly, making regular and consistent data backups. For instance, as long as you back up your PST files, even if your Outlook gets corrupted, you still can get back your damaged PST data with utmost ease.

Mac Data Backups

Hence, if you are attaching great importance to your Mac data, you ought to back up your Mac data. Nevertheless, making proper and bulletproof Mac data backups is not simply copying your Mac. In this case, you’d better adhere to the following 5 techniques.

1.  Select an Appropriate Backup Program

The first step in data backup is to select a suitable backup program. For common PCs, you would be required to resort to external software. But in Mac, fortunately, you can directly use the inbuilt tool – Time Machine. Of course, it is also OK if you select a third party tool.

1) Inbuilt Utility – Time Machine

Time Machine is indeed a potent and reliable backup program. It can auto create incremental backups. Plus, not only can it permit users to restore a single file but also the entire Mac OS from any points. Moreover, it can work with not only the internal drives but also the external. More importantly, it’s dedicated to Mac OS, so it can work well with Time Capsule of Apple as well.

2) Third Party Tools

Apart from the built-in backup software, there are many third party backup apps in the today’s market. Therefore, if you prefer third party options, of course you can select a third party one. Furthermore, compared with Time Machine, the 3rd party backup software is much suitable if you intend to create archival backups.

2. Automate Mac Data Backups

After selecting a backup program, you would be required to consider how to back up your Mac data more effectively. As one of the critical factors in data backups is to ensure that it is always up-to-date, you have to make it on a regular basis. But, in reality, many users are so forgetful that they always forget to do it periodically. Under this circumstance, the best means is to make it automated. You can easily configure Time Machine or third party backup software to automatically perform backup on a scheduled basis.

3. Keep Mac Data Backups Well-Protected

What’s more, you should accept a fact that backed up data is the same vulnerable as the original data. Hence, it is vitally important for you to secure your Mac data backup, too. For instance, if you back up your Mac data on an external hard drive, you should keep the drive well-protected. As for the protective measures, you can use the equal actions to protections on the original data.

4. Prepare One or More Offsite Mac Data Backups

Offsite backup is a key step in making a foolproof data backup. Don’t bypass its significance. If you only get hold of an onsite backup, when something disastrous occurs to the site, your unique backup will suffer definitely. In this scenario, you must be going to regret that you haven’t made alternative backups. Therefore, it is always suggested to keep one or more offsite Mac backup.

5.  Test Mac Data Backups Occasionally

Last but not least, similar to the common backup for Windows-based computers. You have to test your Mac data backup occasionally, confirming that backups are indeed useful and accessible. Otherwise, it will be too late when you find backups inaccessible only when you urgently recover data.

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