5 Vital Things You Must Do Before Hard Drive Data Recovery

When suffering data losses in your hard drive, your next step will be data recovery. But, in prior to hard drive recovery, you have to do the 5 essential things exposed in this article, which can prevent further damage on your drive.

It is an acknowledged fact that hard drive is susceptible to damage. For instance, a heavy drop or shock will destroy a hard drive readily. What’s worse is that if a hard drive fails or gets corrupt, the drive data will definitely suffer. With no doubt, no one is willing to suffer such terrible cases.

5 Vital Things You Must Do Before Hard Drive Data Recovery

However, in reality, even if you handle your drive with care, it’ll still fail finally when it reaches its lifespan. In these cases, what you will continue to perform is undoubtedly hard drive data recovery. Nevertheless, before that, you had better complete the following 5 things or else further damage may happen to your drive.

1. Make Sure If You Have Data Backup

Perhaps you have ever made data backups for your hard drive. Therefore, in the first place, you should check your data backups to see if the most recent backups are effective. If so, you can simply restore drive data from backups without needs to attempt drive data repair like PST fix.

2. Access the Value of Drive Data

But, if you have no valid backups, you need to access the value of your hard drive data, namely how important the damaged data is for you. If the data is extremely important, you’d better not attempt DIY data recovery, making bet on your data. It is recommended to resort to professionals.

3. Make an Image for Your Drive

Moreover, it is vitally necessary to make an image for the malfunctioning drive. It is exactly a matter of necessity in drive data recovery. You need to perform data recovery on the disk image instead of the original drive, prevent your mistakes in recovery from ruining your drive thoroughly.

4. Check If Drive Makes Noises

In addition, you need to hear your drive and recognize if it is making any strange noises, like clicking, whirring, beeping, etc. If so it is, you have to power it down at once, protecting drive from further physical damage. Plus, in this scenario, it is totally wrong to run data recovery software on it. Your unique resort is recovery service.

5. Select Reliable Recovery Service/Software

Last but not least, no matter whether you select recovery software or service, you have to ensure its reliability. More specifically, you shouldn’t trust in free service or software from unknown sources. Or else there will be more chances that your data recovery will fail and drive will be subject to permanent data losses.

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