5 Vital Factors You Must Consider When Choosing a Cloud Backup Service

When you decide to back up data on the cloud, you will need to choose one from multiple cloud backup services. Here are 5 important factors you should take into consideration when making a right decision.

Nowadays, it is increasingly important to back up data in that the backups will be much helpful in data recovery. For example, backing up your PST file can facilitate PST corruption recovery, saving you from headache of Outlook data loss.

There is no denying that in recent years, cloud backup service has become a giant in data backup industry, almost equal to local storage on external hard drive. So if you intend to back up your data on the cloud, your first step will be to choose an apt cloud backup service. Here are some suggestions for you to pick out the best one.

Cloud Backup Service

Factor 1: Your Needs

Your personal needs should be the first and most vital factor to consider when choosing a cloud backup service. You can figure out your real needs by answering the following questions.

  1. Firstly, what kind of data you intend to back up as well as what is its size?
  2. Secondly, what type of support would you like to gain from the cloud service provider? Sometimes, it would be better if the service should be 24/7 available.
  3. Thirdly, from the perspective of companies, it demands to make clear if there is a specific regulation for your company to abide by.

As long as you have understood the actual answers to the three questions above, you can proceed to consider other factors.

Factor 2: Pricing

The second essential consideration should be the total cost to utilize the cloud backup service. On the surface, the majority of cloud service provider may just require a pretty low payment per gigabyte of storage. But please bear in mind that there is no free lunch. Cloud backup service providers may have prepared a myriad of hidden fees for you. They can involve everything, ranging from storage input and output to CPU storage. Therefore, you should keep cautious, making clear all the potential fees, such as the charges if you run out the data limit and need to upgrade it. Plus, you had better ask if there is a refund policy available in case that you change your mind.

Factor 3: Security

Even if your data is stored on the cloud, you still need to protect it. Therefore, security is also one of the most important factors to consider when you choose a cloud service provider. You should ask providers about their customized security measures, such as user authentication, data encryption and any physical security services they will offer. But it is a fact that none of the services is able to provide 100% security. But you still can choose a better one by collecting, evaluating and comparing all the cloud service providers’ policies.

Factor 4: Performance

With the development of cloud technology, some previous problems, such as low bandwidth or nightly automatic backup requirements, have been solved. But there are still some issues in initial backups and full-server recoveries. Hence, it is recommended to select a cloud backup service provider which has its tailored solutions, making you to quickly access and recover data within minutes instead of hours or days.

Factor 5: Service Provider’s Reputation

Furthermore, you should take the service provider’s reputation into account as well. Generally speaking, the reputation can imply a lot about the level of service. You should do some research about the provider’s background info. It should Include their history, certifications, any recommendations and any track records.

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