5 Useful Tips to Deal with Water Damaged Hard Drive

Has your external hard drive ever suffered water damage? This article will provide you 5 tips about what to do when you encounter water damaged hard drive.

Hard drives can get damaged due to a variety of reasons, such as power failures, mechanical errors, physical damages, logical failures and disasters, etc. The hard drive failure from water damage is also common. At best, the hard drive can still keep fine. But at worst, the hard drive may go on strike permanently and the data stored in it will give you a farewell.

Water Damaged Hard Drive

Therefore, in order to prevent undesired data loss, it is always proposed that you should keep more than one backup offsite. For example, back up your Outlook PST files, so that you can easily retrieve corrupted Outlook data even after the drive is damaged by water. If you have no backups in place, what you can do is to attempt data recovery. The following 5 tips will help you increase the chance of successful recovery.

1. Don’t Delay!

First of all, you should take actions at once. The time is extremely important. You should not delay addressing the water-damaged hard drive. The longer the hard drive is wet, the deeper the water will penetrate into the drive and the more drive parts will get damaged. Hence, you’d better take immediate measures to prevent further damages to the drive.

2. Power down the Drive Immediately

When encountering water damaged hard drive, promptly power it down and disconnect it with all the electronics completely. Otherwise, the consequences will be much more terrible than what you can imagine. Not only the hard drive itself but also the connected devices will get burned and damaged. In a nutshell, keeping power on will complicate and worsen the current scenario.

3. Don’t Try to Dry the Drive

It’s believed that multiple users will get used to drying the wet hard drive, no matter via a hair dryer or other kinds of heaters. But in reality, it is inadvisable. It will lead to much more harms than just leaving the drive to dry out on its own, in that the heat from the dryer is damaging. Furthermore, it will result in a charge build-up in the drive. Thus, never try to dry a water damaged drive.

4. Don’t Open or Repair the Drive by Yourself

It is unwise to mend the drive by yourself, no matter open the drive to diagnose the issues or attempt recovery by third party software. Firstly, opening a hard drive is demanding. It requires tailored tools, a cleanroom in proper conditions as well as operating experience. Secondly, all third party software can work only when the hard drive is turned on. But keep hard drive running will overwrite the original data and cause further damage. So don’t attempt DIY recovery on a water damaged hard drive.

5. Contact Professionals for Suggestions

Now that you have no idea about the level of drive damage, the best way is to ask related professionals for suggestions and assistance. Provide the essential info about your damaged drive, and they will give you some advice. If the data in the hard drive is of great value, you would be required to deliver the drive to the professionals in quick time.

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